The Year End Party Is Over for Yahoo, We're Told

Ryan Tate · 12/02/09 08:02PM

We hear Yahoo is canceling its annual "Year End Party" for 2009. That's quite a change for a company that last year held three company parties and additional bashes at the departmental level, amid layoffs.

The Incredible Shrinking AOL

Ryan Tate · 11/19/09 12:03PM

Just in time for Christmas, AOL is asking 2,500 of its workers to volunteer for buyouts starting Dec. 4 (layoffs come after) as the company separates from Time Warner and a shadow of its former online conglomerate self.

TV Reporter Falls On Ass In Holiday Weekend Pratfall

Ryan Tate · 12/29/08 07:53PM

You just know Mike Sidel's Weather Channel colleagues will give him endless shit for slipping in the snow live on MSNBC Sunday. Instead of the ice at Wisconsin's Lambeau Field, blame Christmas!

Anderson Cooper's Thanksgiving Nightmare

Ryan Tate · 12/09/08 05:37AM

Gloria Vanderbilt's youngest son has been using his mother as a foil since he appeared on the Tonight Show with her at age three. Anderson Cooper more recently brought his mother onto CNN to passive-aggressively scold him on Mother's Day and to provide the silver fox some sensible, embarrassing advice on the occasion of his 40th birthday. So when Cooper recently declined to invite his mother on a holiday trip to Egypt — "No! I wasn't going to take my mom," he told a befuddled David Letterman — she was ruthless in her revenge. You might not acknowledge that's what's going on, Anderson, but it's plain as day to the rest of us. (We're speaking of the revenge, of course.) Video after the jump

New York Post Christmas Party as Drunk as Any Other Friday Night

Gabriel Snyder · 12/04/08 03:06PM

Next Monday, Rupert Murdoch is planning a big bash for wife Wendi Deng Murdoch's 40th birthday on the Gramercy Park Hotel roof that has a six-figure budget and folks like Nicole Kidman and Barry Diller on the guest list. It's such a big deal that Murdoch made Michael Wolff (hey, did you hear he has a book coming out?) move his party for The Man Who Owns the News to Tuesday, according to Jeff Bercovici. They both sound like fabulous affairs. Especially compared to the staff Christmas party that the New York Post announced yesterday. News Corp. canceled its regular company-wide holiday bash last month. So, instead next Friday the staff are heading to their regular Midtown watering hole, Langan's. With a cash bar. Aside from the promised "sexy elves" and "special theme rooms," it'd be tough to tell this from any other Friday night at Langan's. Full invite after the jump.

Santa Claus Horrifying Children Fills Our Hearts With Cheer

Richard Lawson · 12/03/08 04:28PM

What would you do if an old man broke into your house in the middle of the night and tried to pleasure your children? We would leave him milk and cookies. No, silly! We're not talking about creepy Mr. Pryzborowski down the street. We're talking about Santy Claus! Who, actually, can be pretty creepy himself. What with the beard and chortling and likely booze-stink. In fact, just in time for the holidays, Flabbergastedly has a little gallery of photos of children being terrified by Father Christmas (culled, it seems, from this bigger list) that we find delightfully funny. Look at a couple of our favorites after the jump.