Use 'Romance Scams' To Score Free Therapy This Holiday Season

Ryan Tate · 12/21/11 02:02PM

There was a 30 percent increase in complaints about "romance scams" last month, according to Western Union. A "romance scam" is where someone spends months and months having in-depth email conversations with you, and then gets you to send them money. Except for the lack of a proper couch, formal credentials, and some honesty, these scams sound a lot like psychological counseling. So why not reverse the scam?

Why Flight Attendants Talk Like Space Aliens

Ryan Tate · 11/23/11 03:15PM

Flight attendants are always, like, "I'm going to go ahead and check your bag" or "I'm going to need you to put up your tray table" or "We do have FAA rules on alcohol consumption to enforce, Mr. Tate." But why do they talk like that? Well, because it pays. Duh.

Saddest Christmas in the World?

Ryan Tate · 12/14/10 04:24PM

Britain's Daily Mail begins holiday heartbreak story with the quote, "We'll sell our toys to pay for daddy's funeral," and the Dickensian drama just builds from there: Mounting debts; the looming prospect of home eviction; and little details like these:

Lazy—But Thoughtful—Gifts for Christmas

Ryan Tate · 12/07/10 05:35PM

Some people are awesome at picking just the right gifts for friends and loved ones. Others just suck at presents. For the latter group, Brooklyn e-tailer Etsy invented a brilliant mashup of Facebook and the twee crafts it sells.

Santa Claus Fired by Macy's

Ryan Tate · 12/07/10 01:56PM

Santa Claus was reported to be "devastated" after he was fired by San Francisco Macy's, where he'd been well regarded for more than 20 Christmases. Apparently Santa, who in everyday life disguises himself as "John Toomey," told a naughty joke.

Man Invents Robot To Buy Him Presents

Ryan Tate · 11/08/10 05:21PM

A PhD student in New Zealand has invented an internet "bot" to automatically shower him with gifts by buying cheap items in online auctions. Because computer friends, you see, do not forsake you.

Google's Free Wi-Fi Promises to End Airplane Tranquility

Ryan Tate · 11/08/10 01:35PM

Remember how you used to have a few hours of airplane peace before handling crushing family holiday obligations? Google has taken care of that for you again this year, bringing back its free airline Wi-Fi.

Happy New Year!

Gabriel Snyder · 12/31/09 05:00PM

That's it, we're calling a wrap on 2009. Please talk among yourselves on #crosstalk. Also: MisterHippity is hosting a Jersey Shore liveblog at 9pm; tomorrow Azaria and Foster will be around to nurse you through your hangover.

Best and Worst of Largest-Ever Secret Santa

Ryan Tate · 12/15/09 06:34PM

Commenters on Reddit.com banded together to create the largest secret santa gift exchange ever attempted, with 5,000 global participants, three times the prior world record. Even more amazing, the gifts were not entirely terrible!