Family Guy Travels to the North Pole to Kill Santa Claus

Whitney Jefferson · 12/13/10 02:36PM

After being snubbed by Santa at the mall, Stewie decides he's going murder Santa at the North Pole. Upon reaching their destination, Brian and Stewie learn that the world's greed and increasing demands are literally killing Santa and his elves.

Community: Abed's Stop-Motion Christmas Spectacular

Whitney Jefferson · 12/10/10 01:52PM

After weeks of anticipation, NBC aired Community's animated Christmas special last night. When Abed wakes up on Christmas morning in a stop-motion world, the gang agrees to play along in his holiday fantasy land in hopes of figuring out why.

A Family Christmas Ambush on 30 Rock

Matt Cherette · 12/09/10 09:16PM

On tonight's Christmas-themed 30 Rock, Elaine Stritch reprised her role as Jack's evil mother, Colleen, delivering one hilariously tense family moment after another. What happened? when Jack revealed to Colleen that he knew about his real father? Find out inside.

Rudolf, You Don't Have to Put on the Red Light

Whitney Jefferson · 12/08/10 06:30PM

Today's holiday mashup video that's making the rounds is this clip featuring classic footage from the original Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer special and "Roxanne," the famous tune by The Police.

And Now, a Little Something for Our Jewish Viewership

Kate Erskine · 12/01/10 02:30PM

Happy Chanukah, everyone! We present to you the Girl Talk of the a capella Jewish community. Please enjoy I Light It, a Chanukah-themed remix based on the music of Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Enrique Iglesias. Mazel Tov!

Your Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Max Read · 11/25/10 04:04PM

Black Friday is upon us! It's the biggest shopping day of the year, and to help you out we've put together some holiday-shopping tips and tricks to so you get the best out of your orgiastic celebration of waste:

Watch the Making of the 2010 Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

Whitney Jefferson · 11/25/10 03:00PM

This year, Bergdorf Goodman put out a video behind their in-house creative team's process of installing their fantastic holiday windows. It's really interesting to see how the gorgeous displays get made—for both those who've seen them or out-of-towners!

Alec Baldwin's Cameo in Wegmans' New Holiday Commercials

Matt Cherette · 11/18/10 05:31PM

Wegmans—yes, the supermarket—has a couple of new holiday-themed commercials out! That's not shocking. What is a bit surprising, however, is the fact that they feature Alec Baldwin as a pie/meal-buying... TV star? Anyway, both 30-second spots are inside.

Kids Reenact The Most Adorable American Revolution

Gene Delsener · 07/05/10 11:35AM

Happy July Fifth! As you nurse your Independence Day hangover, take a minute to remember whose responsible for this in the first place. Presenting: Kids Reenact The American Revolution!