Dispatches From Cairo: Egypt's Gangsta Kittens

Animal New York · 11/30/12 06:15PM

They roam the toughest streets of Cairo without fear, beg for food, get into fights, run from tear gas shells, and if you stare at them, they stare right back. No, we're not just talking about Egypt's youthful protesters, we're talking about the country's feral cats. There's thousands of these urban felines wandering around the city and like everyone else, they hustle to survive. Here's a photo tribute to these furry badasses below and more in the gallery above. They're everywhere!

Today in Tahrir Square: Teargas Is the New Oxygen

Animal New York · 11/27/12 06:00PM

Kader Hamza Pasha street is stand-off central. CSF police on one side, kids on the other side. Rocks vs. tear-gas. Molotov cocktails vs. rubber bullets. With increased protesters out today–some reports estimated there were close to 200,000 people in the square today –today's battles were much more intense and unpredictable. One photojournalist told us that today's vibe reminded her of Egypt's last revolution in January of 2011, the one that threw the country into a state of anarchy until the army took over. As you watch the video above, remember that everyone involved in today's clashes were willing to die for their cause, even the ignoble ones.

The 10 Best Musical Christmas Light Houses Ever

Sarah Prial · 12/20/10 07:30PM

You may have thought you had the best Christmas lights in town, but unless you coordinated it to music, you're wrong. From High School Musical to Gustav Holst to death metal, these houses have you beat. Better luck next year!

The Best Burgermeister Meisterburger Impression

Chrystina Orlando · 12/20/10 06:00PM

This dude does a spot-on singing impersonation of the villain from Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town: Burgermeister Meisterburger. Watch the clip to see his uncanny rendition of "No More Toymaker To the King."

Lewis Black is Dreaming of a Black Christmas

Bryan Ridgell · 12/18/10 09:00PM

Lewis Black muses on Christmas capitalization and marketing, wondering if the energy we invest into the material aspect of the holiday wouldn't be better spent on the large problems of society, while plugging his Christmas book at the same time.

A Christmas Carol For the TSA

Whitney Jefferson · 12/18/10 06:30PM

Dreading Holiday travel this year? Aren't we all! If you can laugh at the ridiculous situation with TSA agents, this video is for you. It's a song set to "Jingle Bells" about getting felt up at the Airport. Enjoy!

The Time Santa Took Some Drugs and Danced

Matt Cherette · 12/16/10 02:38PM

Here's a video of some guy in a Santa suit—he's thin, so obviously it's not the real Santa—dancing to himself on the side of a road. Why? Nobody knows. Who's filming him? Who cares! Come jam along, inside.