Which Female Morning Show Host Is Afraid of Her Own Poop?

Caity Weaver · 04/29/13 05:02PM

Over the weekend, Americans were shocked to discover that one of the women they trust to deliver their morning news has, for time unknown, been delivering something else, in secret: poops, to a toilet in a far flung part of her office where she thought no one would catch her.

Bad Influences Kathie Lee and Hoda Get Their Boozy Hands on America's Sweetheart Anderson Cooper

Robert Kessler · 11/20/12 02:15PM

On today's pre-recorded Anderson Live, our host with the most let his famously white hair down with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. While Anderson may be very good at stealing the hearts of middle-aged white women and reporting from war zones, he is not very good at drinking. It took a couple sips of white wine and good ole Andy was slurring like Diane Sawyer on election night and spouting off sex jokes.

Kathie Lee Gifford Does Not Know What a BJ Is

Brian Moylan · 12/30/11 01:55PM

Today on Franzia Presents Today, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were talking about what life was like before Hoda met her boyfriend Jay and Kathie Lee referred to the time as "Before Jay. BJ." I'm blushing for you, Hoda.

Hoda Kotb Has a "Spanx Issue" During Yoga Segment

Whitney Jefferson · 03/24/11 01:15PM

During a demonstration of partner's yoga on the 4th hour of Today, Hoda had a bit of a freakout about her spanx and slip showing. Better her than Kathie Lee!

Kathie Lee and Hoda Aren't Even Trying Today

Whitney Jefferson · 01/19/11 12:16PM

At the end of an interview, the hosts used the throw to commercial break as a battle of exhausted wits. Kathie Lee's not excited for the next segment because "I'm wearing very high shoes!" and Hoda chimes in "...and spanx!"

Jimmy Fallon Sits in For Kathie Lee on Today

Whitney Jefferson · 01/13/11 01:14PM

When Kathie Lee's away, fun co-hosts get to come join Today's wacky 4th hour. This morning, Jimmy Fallon co-hosted and randomly broke out into interpretive dance (channeling West Side Story, we think) to Akon's "Who Dat Girl."

Hoda Kotb's Got a Boyfriend and Kathie Lee Won't Let It Go

Whitney Jefferson · 12/20/10 01:32PM

Something was a little off about Hoda this morning, and as soon as Kathie Lee noticed, she would not let up with the questions. Then she realized that if Hoda's happily in love, "it's just going to ruin our show."