Sarah Hedgecock · 02/19/14 01:01PM

[Russia forward Ilya Kovalchuk reacts after scoring a goal against Finland during the first period of a men's quarterfinal ice hockey game at the 2014 Winter Olympics on Wednesday. Image via Julio Cortez/AP.]

University Suspends Journalism Student For Asking Questions For A Class Assignment

Barry Petchesky · 11/10/12 12:05PM

Alex Myers is an Australian exchange student currently studying journalism at SUNY Oswego, part of New York's state university system. Last month he was given a class assignment to produce a profile on a public figure. He chose Oswego men's hockey coach Ed Gosek and began in the standard manner: he reached out to Gosek's colleagues in the sport.

The Hottest Things on TV in 2011

Brian Moylan · 12/28/11 09:00AM

Every single television critic has written their "10 Best of 2011" article and it's all, "Oooh, Breaking Bad." "Let's hear it for Community." "Friday Night Lights should never leave!" "Do you love Louie? I love Louie. You should love LOUIE!" Fuck them! All their damn lists are the same year after year. Here are some of the other things that happened on television when the critics were playing Ookie Cookie with each other.

Vancouver Rioters: Sorry For Rioting!

Adrian Chen · 06/21/11 11:39AM

"Hey, uh, Vancouver? Sorry for the violent riots." That's what a handful of regretful Canadians are saying on blogs, Facebook pages and media reports after they were linked to last week's downtown Vancouver hockey riot.

A Hockey Riot, Overanalyzed

Jeff Neumann · 06/17/11 02:27AM

By now you've probably seen footage of the hockey riot in Vancouver. And if you're from the US, you've probably said to yourself, "Damn, I didn't know they had it in them!" Thanks to a riot analysis from the Times we know that we could be dealing with a new, ultra-violent Canada. Here's your Vancouver hockey riot but what does it all mean? article:

Canadians Riot After Losing Stanley Cup

Max Read · 06/15/11 11:18PM

The Vancouver Canucks (hint: hockey) lost the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night, falling to the Boston Bruins 4-0 in the seventh game. This is a big deal in Canada, where hockey is basically their version of American Idol. And so they've decided to riot.

Watch a Hockey Puck Shatter Through Plexiglass

Madeleine Davies · 03/18/11 10:15AM

Watch as a puck at a Cape Breton Screaming Eagles hockey game is struck with such force that it shatters one of the plexiglass panels that protects the spectators, giving one small boy quite the scare.

Milliseconds From The Best Comeback In Hockey

Kate Shapiro · 12/11/10 02:15PM

The Philadelphia Flyers barely missed a .01-second overtime goal this week against the San Jose Sharks. The puck hadn't crossed the line in time and the game had to go to shootout. This is about as close as it gets.

Here is an Uneventful Hockey Miss

Christopher Han · 11/12/10 09:30AM

For those tired of seeing spectacular hockey shootout trick shots, here is one to balance the scales. Ilya Kovalchuk needed one to keep his team alive, and it was comically anti-climactic. He recently signed a 15-year, $100 million contract.

Girl Pranks Hockey Fanatic Boyfriend During Stanley Cup

nightintern · 06/16/10 10:30AM

Using a remote control, this girl pranks her boyfriend while he is intensely watching Game 6 of the Stanley Cup. Rage ensues: he destroys the living room and blames the loss on her once he realizes what she was doing.