You're Not Going to Become Weightless on January 4th

Jay Hathaway · 12/26/14 02:20PM

You may have a seen a story going around Facebook that promises you'll be able to float in the air on January 4th as a result of a planetary alignment that will "decrease gravity" for 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it is total bullshit.

New York Mag Apologizes for $72 Million Teen Story: "We Were Duped"

Taylor Berman · 12/16/14 11:55AM

New York magazine issued a succinct and straightforward apology Tuesday morning for publishing an article that implied Mohammed Islam, a senior at Stuyvesant High School, made $72 million trading stocks. "We were duped," the magazine's editors said in a statement. "Our fact-checking process was obviously inadequate; we take full responsibility and we should have known better. New York apologizes to our readers."

"Drunk Girl in Public" Actress Says She Was Tricked, Too

Jay Hathaway · 11/18/14 09:54AM

In a popular viral video from last week, men appeared to aggressively try to take advantage of a "drunk" woman on Hollywood Boulevard. Although it was presented as a real "social experiment," the men in the video were paid actors who thought they were doing a comedy skit. And now the model who played the fake drunk girl says she was tricked the same way.

Guy Finds His Wife Drunkenly Making "Grilled Cheeses" at 2:30 a.m.

Jay Hathaway · 08/07/14 02:50PM

The ostensible story behind this video is that a man heard his wife coming home in the middle of the night and recorded her "making grilled cheeses" by melting string cheese over a plateful of goldfish crackers while swigging wine and insisting she's not drunk.