Germans (Still) Can't Get Enough of Mein Kampf

Ashley Feinberg · 01/11/16 10:19AM

With Mein Kampf back on German bookshelves for the first time in 70 years, Germans are buying up the murderous manifesto faster than even online retailers can churn it out. In less than a week of being back in its native tongue, Mein Kampf is already sold out in Germany.

Former Professional Propagandist for White Supremacist and Torture Regime Decries Nazi Comparisons in Politics

Alex Pareene · 11/30/15 02:06PM

Marc Thiessen would like everyone in politics to please stop comparing their opponents to Nazis. Or rather, he would like everyone to stop evoking comparisons to Nazis, as the two politicians he calls out in his latest Washington Post column never actually said “Nazi” or “Hitler.” It’s not a very surprising or notable argument, really, especially from Marc Thiessen, whose continued participation in public life is dependent on enforcing a particular standard of “civility” in our political discourse.

Israeli Prime Minister: Okay But The Holocaust Wasn't Totally Hitler's Fault

Ashley Feinberg · 10/21/15 09:52AM

In an address to the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided it might be a good idea to partially absolve Hitler of responsibility for the systematic genocide of six million Jews. In doing so, Netanyahu parroted an idea that has since been widely rejected by the vast majority of historians.

Ben Carson Campaign Manager: Constant Hitler Analogies "Too Powerful"

Jay Hathaway · 10/08/15 03:17PM

Ben Carson—neurosurgeon, presidential candidate, and alleged sponge-fumbler—has repeatedly warned that America could go the way of Nazi Germany if people “keep their mouths shut” and don’t “stand up.” His campaign manager doesn’t necessarily disagree, he just wishes the candidate would stop trying to make political points by bringing up Hitler.

Hamilton Nolan · 05/22/15 11:26AM

“One prominent investor...called the rhetoric ‘class warfare’ and noted other times in history, including before World War II, when financial speculators were unfairly blamed by politicians. ‘Instead of the Jews, it’s the hedge fund managers,’ the person said.”

The Photo Hitler Doesn't Want You to See

Ashley Feinberg · 04/16/15 10:57AM

An age-old questions asks: If you could go back in time and kill baby Hitler, would you? Thanks to a slew of new Hitler-casual photos coming out next month, we can finally answer with a resounding yes. Talk about a crime against fashion!

Make Hitler Happy: The Beginning of Mein Kampf, as Told by Coca-Cola

Max Read · 02/04/15 11:15AM

"Make it happy!" Coca-Cola's new marketing campaign exhorts. The campaign, introduced during a Super Bowl commercial, is accompanied by a stunt through which Twitter users reply to negative tweets with the hashtag "#MakeItHappy"; Coca-Cola then transforms those tweets into cute ASCII art. "We turned the hate you found into something happy," @CocaCola chirps.

Don't Dress Like Hitler

Leah Finnegan · 01/21/15 05:30PM

Don't dress like Hitler. Even if you're Lutz Bachmann, the leader of an anti-immigration group in Germany, who resigned from his post today after the above shot of him from Facebook went viral. Just don't do it.

Sixth Graders Assigned Venn Diagram of Hitler and George W. Bush

Aleksander Chan · 09/11/14 09:26AM

A teacher at McKinley Middle School in Washington, D.C. sent their sixth grade students home with an assignment from a "war and peace" section in the curriculum: compare and contrast Adolf Hitler and former U.S. President George W. Bush in a Venn diagram. "Both men abused their powers," the teacher apparently explained.

Meet the Ayn Rand Scholar Who Beat Eric Cantor

Allie Jones · 06/11/14 07:25AM

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary last night to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat. Many are already puzzling over what this means for the future of the Republican party (nothing good, really), but first, let's take a look at the challenger himself. Who is Dave Brat?

Hitler's Face Will Appear On Twenty D.C. Buses for the Next Four Weeks

Dayna Evans · 05/17/14 03:00PM

If you live in D.C., get ready for a a few weeks of racism skewed as advertising. Twenty D.C. Metrobuses will feature an advertising campaign that calls for an end to U.S. foreign aid in Islamic countries—accompanied by a picture of Hitler talking to an anti-Jewish Islamic leader during World War II.