Machete-Wielding Man Struck by Two Hit-and-Run Drivers

Chris Thompson · 10/20/15 09:45PM

This crazy-ass cellphone video shows a man stalking an intersection in Oakland with a machete before being first backed into by a red sedan and then smacked hard by a white sedan. The man responds to being deliberately backed into by chopping the hell out of the side of the red car. The footage is certainly troubling.

Road Raging Driver Rams Into Taxi After Running Out of Patience

Neetzan Zimmerman · 09/16/13 03:11PM

An allegedly drunk driver whose path was being blocked by a taxi decided she was done being mildly inconvenienced and put her foot down — right on the gas pedal, ramming the vehicle at least twice before using her Mazda to push the cab out of the way.