Mississippi Official Explores Dark Underpinnings of American Wealth

Andy Cush · 08/03/16 10:55AM

Happy 300th birthday to the city of Natchez, Mississippi! To celebrate, Mississippi Development Authority executive director Glenn McCullough Jr. noted on Twitter that Natchez had the most millionaires per capita of an U.S. city before the Civil War. That’s a lot of millionaires—where do you think they got all their money?

My Conflict

Tom Scocca · 02/15/16 04:10PM

Disclosure: From roughly 2000 through 2008, half or more of my household income came from my wife’s direct employment with Bill or Hillary Clinton. Toward the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, she worked at the White House Domestic Policy Council; after that, she became a legislative aide working on health policy in the newly opened office of Hillary Clinton in the Senate; finally she worked for the Clinton Foundation, establishing its HIV/AIDS program in China.

Thirty Years Ago, the Challenger Crew Plunged Alive and Aware to Their Deaths

Tom Scocca · 01/28/16 02:08PM

On January 28, 1986, America watched on television as the space shuttle Challenger—carrying six astronauts and one schoolteacher—disappeared in a twisting cloud of smoke, nine miles above the launch pad it had just left. To a stunned nation, it appeared that seven lives had instantly been lost.

Declassified Documents: U.S. Military Bombed the Nazi Germany Oil Refinery That Fred Koch Helped Build

Andy Cush · 01/18/16 10:42AM

Among the revelations in Dark Money, Jane Mayer’s expansive new book on the Koch brothers and the rise of contemporary American conservatism, is that Fred Koch, the billionaire duo’s father, once helped build an oil refinery in Nazi Germany. The New York Times broke that item last week, but left out a key detail from the book: allied forces bombed the refinery during World War II.

REMINDER: St. Augustine, Florida Still the Nation's Oldest City

Hamilton Nolan · 12/21/15 01:06PM

As the educated among you well know, St. Augustine, Florida is our nation’s Oldest Continuously Occupied European Settlement. ALERT: do NOT fall for second-rate cities attempting to co-opt St. Augustine’s rightful title of Nation’s Oldest City.

George W. Bush Is the Father of the Year

Tom Scocca · 06/21/15 02:35PM

On the morning of the Father of the Year Awards Luncheon, I ran out of bread enough to even make cinnamon toast for my children, and I ended up serving them some Chocolate Chex and the last apple in the house. Not that I was going there to win Father of the Year. I was merely going to watch.

Historic Horndogs May Have Caused a Street to Collapse 200 Years Later

Andy Cush · 04/03/15 10:31AM

A two-foot-wide, six-foot-deep sinkhole appeared on the surface of Dublin's Dame Street this week, stopping traffic on the busy thoroughfare. The reason, according to one historian, may have to do with 200-year-old politicians who plunged incredible depths in a quest to get their antique rocks off.