Adam Weinstein · 03/25/14 01:56PM

Pro tip: If you want to keep a Hispanic billionaire as the top fundraiser of your embattled Republican gubernatorial re-election campaign in heavily Hispanic Florida, try to keep your gringo staffers from cracking jokes in fake Mexican accents on a ride to Chipotle.

Adam Weinstein · 01/15/14 04:30PM

Almost missed this: A leading immigration opponent says Hispanics will cause "the unmaking of America" by voting Democratic, inviting jihadist attacks, destroying "social cohesion," yadda yadda yadda. No biggie, he's just testified to Congress on immigration a few times.

Spanglish Obamacare Website Makes Less Sense Than a Telemundo Gameshow

Adam Weinstein · 01/13/14 03:37PM

Hola sirs, please to be checking el site CuidadoElSalud.gov if you are in needing of excelente coverages of your loveds for the Obama health plans. This is why our name of the website is en español "For the Caution of Health." Mija, what the fuck are these cabrónes federal on about?

President Obama's Very Simple Plan to Win Latino Voters

Jim Newell · 11/11/11 05:33PM

Huge support and turnout from Latino voters will be a key part of President Obama's reelection campaign. What must he do to ingratiate himself, again? Nothing, really. In his mind, he can just show some clips of Republicans talking about immigration and pretty much seal things up.

Hispanics Don't Care for Rick Perry's 'Jose Cuervo' Kneeslapper

Jim Newell · 06/24/11 12:20PM

Texas Governor and potential presidential candidate just wrapped up another legislative session dominated by anti-immigrant babble everywhere. But give him credit, as he went to address a Hispanic conference in person yesterday! If he does this again, though, he should probably tweak, or entirely replace, his icebreaker.

Kool Aid Wants Hispanic People Drinking Nothing But Kool Aid

Hamilton Nolan · 05/27/11 10:25AM

For too long, Hispanic Americans have been forced to tolerate a world in which artificial food products were not advertised to them with satisfactory ferocity. No longer. You Spanish-speakin' people want some dang Kool Aid? We gotcher Kool Aid!

Buzzkill Boehner Won't Even Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party

Jim Newell · 04/18/11 05:02PM

House Speaker John Boehner has a message for Mexicans: Drop dead. No, we're sure he loves the Mexicans. But not enough to throw them, and Americans of Mexican heritage, a Capitol Hill party for Cinco de Mayo.

Barack Obama Can Just Ignore White Voters Now

Jim Newell · 04/01/11 03:09PM

Even when Democrats' fortunes tumble spectacularly in the short-term, the party can always remind itself that national demographic trends favor them in the end. Many, many old white people will die soon enough. This generation's youth voters are lopsidedly liberal. Meanwhile, Hispanics — who've voted strongly for Democrats in the last two elections after mainstream Republican rhetoric took a sharply nativist turn in 2007 — will occupy a larger and ever growing percentage of the American population. Throw in reliable support from 80-90% of African Americans, and the Democratic party could be dominant in the not-too-distant future.

Hispanic Kids Look 'More Asian' to Sharron Angle

Jim Newell · 10/18/10 01:40PM

Notorious dingbat Sharron Angle, Harry Reid's Nevada Senate challenger, addressed a high school's Hispanic Student Union last week and proceeded fuck something up, right on schedule. Apparently some of the Hispanic kids looked "a little more Asian" to her. Huh?