Abed's Formula to a Perfect Impression of Jeff

Whitney Jefferson · 03/05/10 04:20PM

While Abed is working on his impersonations so that he can get the attention of a girl, he does a spot-on impression of Jeff. He then breaks down the exact ratio of how to nail the impression.

Hipster Style Infiltrates the Olympics

Maureen O'Connor · 02/18/10 03:52AM

Though Olympic fashion continues to revolve around flags and garish patriotic color, a strange undercurrent of hip infiltrated this year: jeggings-esque faux denim, a surfeit of plaid, and the world's most ironic mustache.

Hipsters Settle Fight Over Who is Quirkier With T-Shirt War

Frank Cozzarelli · 02/11/10 11:16AM

This video features a couple of bros having a "t-shirt war" via graphics brought to life on their shirts through the miracles of stop motion animation and having too much free time on their hands.

Historic Hasid-Hipster Powwow Proves the Value of a Common Enemy

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/10 05:48AM

Williamsburg's hipsters broke bread with local Hasidim Monday at a community meeting where they discussed their disputed bike lane. "The debate didn't really get anyone anywhere," reports a local hipster. Uh oh, is that the sound of youthful idealism crashing?