Everyone's Accusing Lana Del Rey of Ripping Off a Song

Brian Moylan · 01/20/12 05:31PM

Hating Lana Del Rey is now the internet's favorite past time. It culminated today when LDR burn book Hipster Runoff accused the plumped-lipped singer of stealing her song "Video Games" from some old Greek ditty whose name we can't even spell. He cites his source as unnamed "indie music message boards" which I thank Jesus every morning I have no idea how to find.

'New' 'Hipster' 'Trend' 'Discovered'

Hamilton Nolan · 10/31/11 09:01AM

The New York Post—the fascist barrel-scraping newspaper with its finger placed closest to the vibrant pulse of young, "hip" Brooklynites—has unearthed a new, hip trend, which is occurring among hipsters—in Brooklyn, of course. The hip, fashionmongering young people are diving into dumpsters to extract food, completely without care for the inherent wackiness of such a stunt, their eyes focused on only on nutrition—and hipness. Who ever heard of such a thing?

Hipster Music Blogs Need to Get Over Their 'Authenticity' Problem

Brian Moylan · 09/22/11 12:26PM

Have you heard of singer Lana Del Rey? Well, probably not, because she doesn't even have an officially released single yet, but the hipster music blogs are all abuzz about her. Her music is great, but they still hate her because she's not "authentic." But that's not the problem at all.

'Hipster IHOP' Hires Bouncer to Defend Itself from Drunken Youths

Richard Lawson · 09/21/11 02:34PM

A new IHOP pancake depot is soon to open in Manhattan's East Village, the downtown epicenter of NYU kids and other tight-jeaned menaces. Management is expecting such a deluge of late-night customers streaming in from the bar-heavy neighborhood that they've hired security.

Now You Can Buy a Wine Rack for Your Bike

Matt Cherette · 07/15/11 03:04AM

Hipsters love bikes. They also love wine. But because stuffing a bottle of red in your messenger bag before pedaling down to the park for a picnic is totally déclassé, it hasn't been possible to marry the two. Until now, that is. Etsy user oopsmark is now offering a "Bicycle Wine Rack," which is described thusly:

A Delightful Skewering of Art School Hipster Pretension

Brian Moylan · 06/27/11 05:42PM

Artist (and comedian) Charlotte Young made this hilarious video that mocks not only herself but all the art school dropouts of the world. Her "artist's statement" uses the vocabulary and buzzwords of the traditional artist's statement, but she has cleverly put subtitles across the bottom of the screen to let us know what she's really talking about.

The Totally Awesome View from Inside a Hula Hoop

Brian Moylan · 06/06/11 04:07PM

Ever wonder what a hula hoop sees while it winds around and around its undulating subject? Well wonder no more! Someone attached a camera to the semi-ironic-totally-nostalgic fauxhemian toy of the moment and filmed the results. It's actually a very cool and interesting shot that might give you quite a bit of vertigo. Does this mean the Greenpoint set will be moving on to yo-yos any day now? [BuzzFeed]

Someone Is Setting 'Hipster Traps' in New York

Max Read · 03/14/11 12:01AM

This "hipster trap"—baited with Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Spirits, a bike chain and neon-pink Wayfarers—was photographed by Reddit user gigaface, who encountered the fauxhemian hunter in New York City. Before you object to the choices of bait, remember that having any opinion at all about hipsters or their taste preferences automatically renders you a hipster. (The trap itself, according to gigaface, is made of cardboard.) Full-sized photo below. [Reddit]

Portlandia: Put a Bird on It

Whitney Jefferson · 01/31/11 01:59PM

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein took on the ridiculously cliché trend of putting a bird on prints, housewares, clothes—really anything a hipster could ever want. But what happens when an actual bird enters a shop like that?