Everyone's Accusing Lana Del Rey of Ripping Off a Song

Brian Moylan · 01/20/12 05:31PM

Hating Lana Del Rey is now the internet's favorite past time. It culminated today when LDR burn book Hipster Runoff accused the plumped-lipped singer of stealing her song "Video Games" from some old Greek ditty whose name we can't even spell. He cites his source as unnamed "indie music message boards" which I thank Jesus every morning I have no idea how to find.

'Hipster of the Decade' Shuts Down His Blog

Adrian Chen · 03/25/11 06:29PM

For years, the pop culture blog Hipster Runoff has puzzled, intrigued and enraged the "alt" and "mainstream" world in almost equal measure. Gawker honored him in 2009 with the much-coveted "Hipster of the Decade" award. But this afternoon Hipster Runoff's enigmatic boss Carles has signed of forever with a short blog post: