Male Craigslist “Perv” Seeks Female Hipster To Moon Him for Cash

Camille Dodero · 07/24/13 01:03PM

It's a Tuesday night in late July. New York City's bones feel hollow. Even the Internet is running dry. You tried Williamsburg, but the women all seem to be away, off somewhere you can't see, in bikinis. So what's a thirtysomething East Village man—one with an extremely specific urge involving star tattoos and chunky glasses and a playfully defiant glimpse of a tauntingly bare "female hipster" ass—supposed to do?

Hipsters Voluntarily Get Asses Beat on Upper East Side

Jessica · 06/23/05 08:59AM

In the killing of hipsters for sport, realtors are the ruthless bounty hunters, quietly sniffing out dive bars and thrift stores and gay enclaves before moving in for the kill. Once the realtors smell blood, it's only a matter of time before the endangered hipster is priced out of his or her own habitat. (For reference, read: most of lower Manhattan, Park Slope, Williamsburg.) So where, then, are the homeless bohos to go? Somewhere unchartered, undiscovered, untouched by the hands of trendiness — the Upper East Side, of course. Just ask pioneering 27-year-old Will Hooks, who recently defected from Williamsburg and is a fan of uptown life:

Rampant Male-Infantilism and the Birth of the SmurfBoy

Jessica · 06/22/05 02:10PM

Hot on the cracked heels of the declaration of Gay Vague as the new straight and the new gay comes a tirade against "male infantilism" and all the Seth Cohens it has spawned. Writer Matthew Wilder recalls the era of manly men and sheds a tear for what's become of good, clean testosterone:

NYPost's Battle of the Unctuous Hipsters

lock · 04/21/05 03:57PM

Unretouched Post captions: Left, "Joe Praino say he texts 'amazing revelations' to his ex-girlfriend." Right, "Williamsburg Warriors Siri Wilson and Eve Sibley flash 'W' hand signs to demonstrate their allegiance to the hipster 'hood."

The Jews Update: It's All Good, Kosher

lock · 04/18/05 09:38AM

For today's Young Jews in Prada report, we venture to Soho, where a new congregation called the Soho Synagogue plans a heady mix of Orthodox services, "Torah cocktails" and excursions to the Hamptons. Reports Intelligencer,

'NYP' Exposes The Secret Hipster After-Party

Jessica · 03/17/05 08:55AM

Yeah, we know your type: beat-up cowboy boots, pink tights, vintage Balenciaga military coat shredded to look like you found it in a dumpster. You think just because you blew some rails off a Boyracer test pressing, you're hip? Think again. Unless you're reading Gothamist, NYHappenings, or Manicmess, you're just another poseur:

Bad News For Hipsters: Hilary Duff Is On To You

Jessica · 02/21/05 10:30AM

Gawker exclusive: Hilary Duff has defiled the ironically disastrous alcoves normally reserved for downtown New York's finest assymetrical haircuts! In what can only be described as a painful fit of post-punk partying, Miss Liquid Ice spent Friday night asserting her hipster cred and spacing out to Joy Division at East Village inferno Lit. This only prepared her for Saturday night, where she graced the weekly Misshapes party with her DJ skills. (She played a lot of Smiths, we hear, and we bet she made friends with Queen Leigh Lezark. But did she use the bathrooms? That's the real question.) So, um, what the fuck? How could bubbly clean Duff invade these smoke-filled, drug-oozing dens of indie sin? And, more importantly, what will Disney think?

'Post': More On 'Influence' Peddling

Haber · 02/03/05 04:50PM

Earlier today we looked at Maureen Callahan's Post article about important, influential downtown hipsters who get lots of free shit while they spread their nebulous 'influence' hither and yon. (For those who couldn't get enough, we'd also direct you to Robert Lanham's Free Williamsburg piece on basically the same subject from December 2003.)

Team Party Crash: Michael T's Big Bad Birthday

Andrew · 01/14/05 04:23PM

When Michael T., one of the madmen behind the notoriously insane Motherfucker parties, has a birthday party, you know it's worth checking out. Photographer Nikola Tamindzic documents the sweaty action at last night's party, populated by the infectious likes of Carlos D from Interpol and every downtown kid this side of Misshapes.

Wes Anderson, Hipsters And Other Things To Make You Hate Life

Jessica · 01/04/05 12:20PM

We don't know how anyone in their right mind managed to carve up over 1600 words on Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic as emblematic of the hipster bell curve, but we're convinced the writer is either brilliantly retarded or batshit insane, if not both. A taste: