Should Atheists Be Allowed to Do Yoga?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/08/13 12:43PM

Last week, a California judge ruled that a school district could teach yoga, despite objections from parents that it amounted to promoting an "Eastern religion." Now, one provocative columnist raises an even more alarming yoga issue: godless Western atheists are sullying yoga's holiness, by doing it (yoga).

How to Walk

Hamilton Nolan · 02/14/12 11:09AM

Wacky hippies in the wacky hippie enclave of Denver are encouraging their fellow moonbeam-gazing residents of Marijuanaville to do something a little strange: walk places. On their feet. What's more: even you, The Average American, can get involved in this quirky newfangled hobby. But how?

California Bans Circumcision Bans

Seth Abramovitch · 10/02/11 08:49PM

Jerry Brown struck a mighty blow to the Occupy Foreskin movement on Sunday, as the California governor signed a bill preventing local governments from banning circumcision in males. Back in July, a judge had ruled a ballot proposal outlawing circumcision in San Francisco, backed by 7,700 supporters, to be unconstitutional. Now, thanks to bill AB768 — or what will eventually come to be known as "Jerry's Bill" — no male child in California will ever be denied his God-mandated right to circumcision again. Let the protests commence! Bay Area Urban Docking League, you have the floor. [AP]

Hippie Homebuilder Harshed for Building Crazy House

Jeff Neumann · 06/08/11 06:34AM

59-year-old Alan Kimble Fahey is facing a legal shitstorm over a crazy compound/house/thing he's been working on for many years in the Mojave Desert that he calls Phonehenge West. The Man says Fahey needs to follow building codes, and Fahey's all like "no way, Man," and now he might have to tear the place down. A judge yesterday found Fahey guilty of violating building codes, and his lawyer told the Los Angeles Times that Fahey "faces pretty hefty fines and fees."

Penis Preservation Prevails: Ban on Male Circumcision Will Appear on San Fran Ballot

Hamilton Nolan · 05/18/11 04:11PM

Never let it be said that the persistence of a few crazy fanatics can't change the world: a proposal to ban male circumcision (for minors, only!) has officially been placed on the ballot in San Francisco. They did it, the crazy, crazy, crazy bastards! I guess when you take a step back and see the forest for the trees from 30,000 feet, the real lesson in all this is, "If you want to be assured of the right to have a doctor cut the foreskin off your baby's penis and you live in San Francisco, push that baby out before November or else go to a different city to have the baby, or else go to some back-alley circumcisionist."

Kids Sue Government For Being Mean to Earth

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/11 08:18AM

Often, kids these days are pessimistic; they don't think they have the power to change anything. But one plucky group of teens is standing up for themselves, by suing the U.S. government for not protecting the earth. Whoa, citizens!

Hippies Inch Closer to Penis Protection Vote

Jeff Neumann · 04/27/11 06:33AM

Of course it's San Francisco — the same city that banned Happy Meals, plastic bags, tasering kids, sitting on the sidewalk and fun in general — that might vote on banning male circumcision in November. A collection of "intactivists" (ha, good one) proposing a ban submitted over 12,000 signatures to the city's Election Board yesterday, with 7,168 verified signatures required for the bill to go to a vote. They should know if the signatures are legit within a month.

LSD Guru 'Bear' Stanley Dies at 76

Jeff Neumann · 03/13/11 02:52PM

Owsley "Bear" Stanley, one of the most prolific LSD producers of all time, was killed in a car accident in his adopted home of Australia today. The Bear was also a noted sound engineer, and at one time financed the Grateful Dead. He and his acid were also featured in Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and Bear hung out with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Ken Kesey, and other noteworthy druggies from that time. He was thought to be around 76 years old.