Heart of Blandness: A Walking Tour of Silicon Valley

Ken Layne · 02/28/14 05:19PM

Walking is the only pleasant form of traveling by land. You need no special equipment, training, money, e-tickets, antidepressants, or Twitter followers. Whatever clothes you're wearing will do fine; a hat and shoes are optional. When I've got a few days to spend somewhere, I spend them walking around. So I spent a few days walking around Silicon Valley.

The Remarkable Tale of Hunter, the Real-Life Rescue Dog

Ken Layne · 11/19/13 11:38AM

Wives and husbands come and go, children leave, friends fade into abstractions on Facebook. The dog is generally there for life, all of his or all of yours, whichever comes first. Hunter, who died Sunday night at home and surrounded by his people, was there for life. It was really his second life, which began when I pulled his numb body from a freezing, half-empty swimming pool 10 years ago this month.

In Portlandia, Recycling is Very Important and Very Specific

Matt Toder · 02/24/12 11:22PM

Some of the best Portlandia sketches are pseudo-commercial types where characters attempt to sell not just a product but a way of live to us. In this sketch, twins Marcus and Madeleine attempt to sell us recycling, their particular brand of recycling, and it comes off great. The constant asides, the subtle music cues, and the hilarious prop at the end make for a great sketch.

127 Hours Fan Retraces Aron Ralston's Steps, Survives 96 Hours After Leg-Shattering Fall

Seth Abramovitch · 09/25/11 08:37PM

There were many lessons you could have taken away from the movie 127 Hours, but if you had to boil it down to just one, it would probably be this: Never head out on a solo hiking trip to Utah's Canyonlands National Park without telling anyone. Well, Amos Wayne Richards, a 64-year-old from Concord, North Carolina, took away some different lessons entirely from 127 Hours. His lessons were all about the triumph of the human spirit and the fundamentality of man vs. nature and all that other spiritual crap that completely went out my ear the second James Franco sawed his arm off with a dull utility tool.

Washington Hiker Swears She Has Video Evidence of Bigfoot

Matt Cherette · 05/27/11 05:02PM

Last weekend, a woman named Samantha went hiking with her friends near Spokane, Washington and documented the trek with her iPhone. After returning home and reviewing footage of the hike, however, Samantha was stunned to see an uninvited—yet strangely familiar—figure moving ahead of her group. Could it be... Bigfoot? [via KOMO]

The Sanfords' Public Humiliation Continues

Ravi Somaiya · 02/26/10 08:20AM

First South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was born. Later, he pretended to be hiking the Appalachian Trail when in fact schtupping the Argentinian woman. Then his wife wrote a disparaging book. Now their divorce proceedings will be on TV.