Horrible Scene After Plane Crashes and Explodes on N.J. Highway

Max Read · 12/20/11 02:24PM

Five people and a dog were killed around 10 a.m. today when a small plane crashed on I-287 outside of Morris Township in New Jersey. The single-engine turbo-prop plane, which was piloted by a managing director of the investment bank Greenhill & Co., and carrying his wife, two children, and a coworker, had taken off from Teterboro Airport and was headed for Atlanta when it disappeared from radar. The Newark Star-Ledger writes that it "appeared to nosedive and disintegrate"; although no one on the ground died, the debris was strewn across a half-mile area and the wreckage was horrifying:

Cops Shut Down Highway to Protect Sacred Rabbit

Lauri Apple · 10/01/11 05:59PM

Arizona Department of Public Safety officers stopped traffic on major Phoenix highway during morning rush hour on Thursday in order to save a rabbit from doom. Apparently Arizona cops don't hate all brown living things.

Your Eight-Year-Old Son Is Not a Good Choice for Designated Driver

Max Read · 07/31/11 12:00PM

There are so many reasons to have kids! One of the not-great reasons is the best is probably "so you have someone to drive when you're wasted." Like Billy Joe Madden, who slept off a bender while his 8-year-old son drove his truck. On a highway. From Mississippi to Dallas.

Warning Sign

Max Read · 02/02/11 03:54AM

[A Kansas City Scout sign warns motorists along I-70 near Kansas City, Mo. on Tuesday. I-70 was closed from Kansas City to St. Louis because of heavy snow. Image via AP]

More Musings on India's Wondrous Highways

Jessica · 12/06/05 08:53AM

As the Times series on India continues to douse the brown folk with love, Gawker's subcontinental intern Neel Shah — who just happens to be languishing about the homeland as we speak — writes us in response to Sunday's first article on India's highways. As we're sure you recall, the moving piece was a brooding, brobdingnagian exploration of the national highway system, one of the country's most glorious achievements. Neel reports:

The Unintentional Poetry of 'The New York Times': Subcontinental Edition

Jesse · 12/05/05 12:35PM

We're only at part two today of the Times's four-part series on "India Accelerating," and we admit we're finding it a bit tough to continue fighting our way through. (Untold thousands of words on highways in the metro area would be tough enough; untold thousands of words on highways we'll likely never drive on becomes a much larger problem.)