What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 08/26/11 05:55PM

Those of you not spending your weekend cowering in your houses while some mean lady named Irene roars around outside might just want to go see a movie. This weekend there's an idiot brother, creepy house monsters, and a butt-kicking babe.

Higher Ground: Vera Farmiga's Ecstatic Moment

Richard Lawson · 07/12/11 12:05PM

Here's a trailer for the Sundance drama Higher Ground, the directorial debut of actress Vera Farmiga, who also stars in the film. This well-received movie could mean big things for Farmiga, who's been teetering on the brink for a while.

Ten Sundance Movies People Are Talking About

Richard Lawson · 01/21/11 05:19PM

The Sundance Film Festival began its annual parade of indies yesterday, with many films already earning buzz. Let's take a brief look at 10 of those films, many of which happen to be about the joys and dangers of religion.