Heidi Montag Will Pray For You, While Doing Sit-Ups

Richard Lawson · 02/19/08 01:31PM

Reality TV star (and the Maria Callas of her generation) Heidi Montag recently traveled to the exclusive resort town of Atlantic City, NJ where she and boyfriend/aspiring Svengali Spencer Pratt enjoyed the fine dining. Oh, and because they can't go anywhere without some branch of the tabliverse in tow, they happened to find time for an interview with OK! magazine. The interviewer, Alisandra Puliti, compliments Heidi on her appearance in her latest music video, saying "You have the abs that Britney used to!" Creepy! Even creepier is when Pratt describes Montag's good will toward men: "I'll find her on the floor praying and I'll ask, who are you praying for, and she'll say everybody." Aww/Shriek! She's just like Tiny Tim. I guess it's a nice idea, though. When I'm blue or lonely (usually after watching The Hills) I'll just think of Heidi, with her old Britney abs, rolling around on a beach or sprawled out on the floor, praying for me. [OK! via ohnotheydidn't] After the jump, one of the better parodies of Montag's "Higher" video.