High Society: The End of Civilization

Richard Lawson · 04/29/10 03:25PM

Oh my god it is over. There is no more High Society to be watched and now we can live in peace. Supposedly there is another season in the works, but let's pretend that's not true and say goodbye forever.

High Society: Basement Blowdown

Richard Lawson · 04/22/10 04:24PM

Last night's episode of the worst television show ever made was all about love. Love and fighting. Horrible fighting in basements.

High Society: Attack of the Bikini

Richard Lawson · 04/15/10 02:01PM

On last night's episode of the worst television show ever made, there was much confrontation. Between moms and monsters, between bathing beauties and scathing snooties (sorry).

High Society: The Nazis of New York

Richard Lawson · 04/01/10 02:21PM

America's second worst television program had its fourth little episode last night and a variety of things happened. There were stylist disasters, broken wall sconces, ruined friendships, and, of course, Nazi hunters.

How To Be an Adult According to High Society

Matt Toder · 03/31/10 09:35PM

High Society is chock full of great life lessons for becoming a better person. On tonight's episode, Paul Johnson Calderon shows us how to be a true adult: when you get into trouble, call mom and get more money.

High Society: A Royal Pain

Richard Lawson · 03/25/10 01:21PM

On last night's episode of this unholy fiasco, there was a romantic date, more hotel employee murder, and a Dale/Tinsley party showdown that made everyone feel just awful.

High Society: The Return to Monster Island

Richard Lawson · 03/18/10 12:26PM

Well, it came back. We thought we'd burned this show and buried its remains in enough sacred burial grounds that it wouldn't be able to regenerate, but it has, and it's worse than ever.

High Society: The Blinding of a Socialite

Richard Lawson · 03/11/10 01:55PM

Tinsley Mortimer's bargain-basement CW reality show premiered last night! Boy was it an ugly mess. It's gotten to the point where I can't really tell if shows like this are actually entertaining or not. I just watch them and gurgle.