Anchor Trips Over Orgasm-Inducing Shoes on Live TV

Matt Cherette · 10/20/11 12:55AM

"My arch helps me to climax." That's what WPIX anchor Sukanya Krishnan said on Wednesday morning just before she fell to the ground during a segment about shoe designer Christian Louboutin's claim that high heels can help women orgasm. The jury may still be out on the orgasmic potential of a pair of Louboutins, but their ability to make someone topple over on live TV is now well-documented. [WPIX]

Painful High-Heels Are Like Orgasms on Your Feet

Lauri Apple · 10/18/11 04:59AM

Women don't just wear high-heels because we're suckers who will do anything for a man's attention, but because high-heels possess orgasmic potential, says would-be red-bottomed sole monopolist Christian Louboutin. Also, women are "happy to wear painful shoes," because our shoes help us express ourselves. At least one libido-pain shoe expert agrees.

Half-Naked Male Stripper Works the Pole on the Subway

Brian Moylan · 05/26/11 01:03PM

Strange things happen on the L train, like this spontaneous, flashmob-esque dance party, complete with a male stripper wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a pair of heels. Good thing he has the body (and skillz) to pull it off.

abalk · 09/17/07 04:50PM

Wow, apparently Payless Shoes is a lot further ahead of the curve than we knew. [Payless]