Who Knew? The Top 10 Unlikely Vocal Performances From Non-Singing Actors

Seth Abramovitch · 07/16/08 07:00PM

In light of Pierce Brosnan's brave, warbling turn in Mamma Mia—as well as recent news that Kate Hudson would veer off the Bongo Romcom highway to explore the musical theater side roads in Rob Marshall's Nine—Defamer videologist Molly McAleer has compiled a countdown of 10 Classic Musical Crossover Performances. We've ordered these from least to most successful; some of these actors-who-sing are arguably better singers than they are actors, and have gone on to cut their own records. Some are clearly better actors than singers. And some should probably just give up both and become something sensible like a dental hygienist or insurance broker. We have no doubt you have your own strong opinions on notable omissions; feel free to post video in the comments.

'Celebrity Rehab' Stars Vikki & Kenickie Get Crunk Up On In This Dancerie

Seth Abramovitch · 02/13/08 03:22PM

Celebrity Rehab fans have by now become more than acquainted with Jeff Conaway—who, since the departure of a cameraphone-diddling Daniel Baldwin, has become the de facto father figure to the youngster-addicts. They too have met succubus girlfriend Vikki, whose every visit to the Pasadena facility inevitably ends in tears, screaming, and at least one wheelchair flying through a plate-glass window. Such turbulence is often the way with deeply creative partnerships, however, and as a reader pointed out, the two are so much more than just self-perpetuating co-dependants: They're an aspiring hip-hop superduo!

'Big Bang' Actress May Be The Best Blindfolded Blackberry Typist In All of Hollywood

mark · 12/03/07 05:30PM

Our favorite part of The Rachael Ray Show—pretty crazy that we have one, right? You know, besides the segments where she blows our minds by preparing economical meals in an impossibly speedy timeframe—has always been Stupid B-List Actress Tricks, where the pathologically perky host invites her semicelebrity besties into the studio to show the world the non-acting-related talents they rarely get to display at their day jobs. Today, Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco dropped by to demonstrate her amazing ability to accurately Blackberry without looking at the device's tiny keyboard, a trick that enables her to safely keep her eyes on the highway while staying in constant communication with her agent, family, and chatty friends.