Watch Ricky Gervais' Extremely Uncomfortable Golden Globes Monologue

Matt Cherette · 01/16/11 08:23PM

Holy wow. Ricky Gervais, the host of tonight's Golden Globes, just opened the show with one of the most unrelentingly harsh and uncomfortable monologues in awards show history—there was even a Tom Cruise/John Travolta gay joke! Watch inside.

Still More Globes Cancellation Fallout: Spielberg Won't Be Getting his DeMille Award Until Next Year

mark · 01/08/08 04:45PM

Even though Steven Spielberg's disembodied head is still floating over the countdown timer relentlessly ticking off the minutes until Sunday night's One-Hour Golden Globes Press Conference Spectacular on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's website (really, between the counter and Spielberg's sad little noggin, is there a more depressing corner on the internet right now?), the HFPA has announced that it's sparing the directing deity the indignity of receiving his Cecil B. DeMille award via FedEx by postponing the honor until their 2009 ceremony.

Golden Globes Not Killed, Just Scaled Back To Within An Inch Of Its Awards Show Life (At Least For Now)

mark · 01/07/08 04:50PM

According to The Envelope, NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are about to announce their desperation-inspired plans to salvage something broadcast-worthy from the strike-induced wreckage of the Golden Globes ceremony, hoping that the Writers Guild, motivated by pity, might agree not to picket the unrecognizable telecast-abomination stitched together from mismatching news special, clip show, and party-coverage parts: