Russian Heroin Addicts Are People Too

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/14 12:11PM

This seven-minute video of Russian heroin addicts, dressed in high fashion clothes, discussing their hopes and dreams and other profoundly normal topics is either exploitative, or a deeply moving exploration of humanity. Worth watching either way. [Vimeo]

Legalize Drugs

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/14 02:00PM

We are in the midst of a weeklong editorial extravaganza in which the New York Times expounds at length on why marijuana should be legalized. What they present as a giant leap is really a baby step. All illegal drugs should be legalized and regulated.

Bain Capital Has Seen the Economy's Future, and It Is Heroin Addicts

Adam Weinstein · 04/14/14 12:45PM

Bain Capital—the Romney-built private equity firm that extracts wealth from humanity with the alacrity of an anteater jamming its many-hooked oral proboscis into a lush ant colony—is always looking for profitable trends in the markets. And America's profitable trend today is: hard drugs.

Paranoid Burlesque: William S. Burroughs At 100

Ken Layne · 02/05/14 11:40AM

Life is maddening and dull. People are treacherous. It is impossible to have any peace without being lonesome. Our species fell into a trap of words and routines. William S. Burroughs was born a century ago today, made many detailed complaints to the Management, and died in 1997.