Cord Jefferson · 02/15/13 12:33PM

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain now works for Fox News, putting him one step away from Dancing with the Stars.

BREAKING: Herman Cain Blows the MSM's Romney Myths Clear Out of the Water

Hamilton Nolan · 08/30/12 11:25AM

REPORTING LIVE FROM THE TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER'S RADIO ROW—Just moments ago, the political world's axis tilted directly towards the second floor of the Tampa Convention Center, near the back doors, where onetime pizza restaurateur Herman Cain delivered a scorching call for truth to the assembled voracious media scrum.

Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann Address Same Crowd, Say Predictably Stupid Things

Taylor Berman · 08/26/12 11:20PM

Former pizza slinger and (allegedly) prolific sexual harasser Herman Cain spoke at an event in Tampa tonight. The New York Times described the event as an "an alternate unity rally in a church made up mostly of Tea Party supporters," which sounds both fascinating and horrific. Cain's speech to the "several hundred" - how far you've fallen, Herman – people in attendance was about what you'd expect. The highlights:

Herman Cain's Just Another Wacky Gold Bug Now

Hamilton Nolan · 05/14/12 08:49AM

Whatever happened to that guy, baldie, the funny mustache man, the one who was momentarily taken seriously as a Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America? Pizza guy? Oh, I see—he's just writing op-eds in the WSJ to reconfirm his fundamental lunacy. What say you, Herman Cain?

Bill Maher: The Only Politics We Understand Is Scandal

Matt Toder · 04/27/12 10:21PM

On tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher closed with rant about the state of our country's political discourse. "The only politics we understand is scandal," he said, "and the only scandal we understand is sex." Maher recounted many politicians who are not held accountable for their lies until those lies involve sex. It all boils down to the very problematic way we talk about both politics and sex in the United States.

Stephen Colbert Decodes Herman Cain's Insane Anti-Stimulus Ad

Matt Toder · 03/09/12 12:09AM

Herman Cain may have dropped out of the Republican primary race but that doesn't mean he's gone quietly into the night. In fact, he's released a new anti-stimulus spot that may or may not have resulted in the death of a goldfish. It's a harrowing and nightmarish vision, some are even calling it "political avant-garde." Not to be outdone, Colbert unveiled his own avant-garde, which is a real winner.

I Asked Sarah Palin the Dumbest Question Ever: How to Become Another 'Obedient Little Troll' at CPAC

Emma Carmichael · 02/14/12 11:35AM

Herman Cain, listed in the official program as "Former CEO, Godfather's Pizza," took the stage at about 4:30 on Thursday at the Woodley Park Marriott in Washington, D.C. It was day one of the Conservative Political Action Conference, and he was the main attraction. There had been a long line throughout the lobby before his scheduled appearance. It was an earnest crowd. The prevailing concern at the conference (I overheard one college student saying) was with showing people it was cool to be an American.

CPAC: Endorsing Joe the Plumber, Declaring War on Hyphens

Emma Carmichael · 02/10/12 11:00AM

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Samuel Wurzelbacher, otherwise known as "Joe the Plumber," is still plumbing. He is running for Congress as a Republican in Ohio's Ninth District—Dennis Kucinich's turf—but he is also still plumbing. He just did a job for a friend two weeks ago. He says he will plumb for life.

Stephen Colbert Loves Herman Cain's Endorsement of Newt Gingrich

Matt Toder · 02/01/12 12:07AM

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen took a look at some of the notable people who have come out in support of Newt Gingrich: Herman Cain, Duke Cunningham and, of course, Sarah Palin. What a well rounded bunch, those three. Taking their example, Stephen pledges his support of Newt as well. Unless Romney wins in Florida, which would change everything. Or nothing.

Herman Cain Endorses Gingrich, Maybe Widens Romney's Lead

Louis Peitzman · 01/29/12 09:55AM

Our old friend Herman Cain delighted the internet — if not the Gingrich campaign — by officially endorsing Newt Gingrich in Florida Saturday night. No, I can't say for sure that Gingrich didn't appreciate the plug, but I think the NBC News story said it best.

Herman Cain Lands the Con Job of His Dreams

Jim Newell · 01/05/12 01:31PM

What is next for Herman Cain? The world has been waiting the answer since that fateful Atlanta morn. Perhaps he could be a corporate lobbyist? The big money's there. Or an Applebee's waiter! See how the other half lives and all that. And then there's always the chance to go lesbian for a while in a lesbian art colony. Now's the time to experiment before getting tied down in some career. But no, it looks like he's just going to ride a bus and talk about his tax plan.

The Year in Lies

John Cook · 12/29/11 02:19PM

Lies: They travel halfway round the world before the truth gets its boots on. If you don't tell them, you never have to remember anything. Ask me no questions and I won't tell you any. The year that now comes to an end was, like all years, riddled with them. Grand lies and small ones, grave ones and frivolous ones, true ones and false ones—check that. They were all false. Here is a list of some of them that really caught my attention.

Sex With Herman Cain Is Really Boring

Max Read · 12/05/11 01:15PM

"What's it like to have sex with Herman Cain?" is one of the key unanswered questions of the 2012 presidential race. And now, thanks to former mistress Ginger White, we have an idea: Sex with Herman Cain is boring. And a little bit emotionally weird.

The Cain Train Has Pulled Into Failure Station

Lauri Apple · 12/03/11 02:07PM

Hyperactive pepperoni stick Herman Cain just emerged from his big-ass tour bus, theme song playing and teensy wife by his side, to take to a rental podium and announce that he's suspending his presidential campaign. You all distracted him with your accusations about affairs and leg-touching moments too much!