That Time You Met Krucoff Was Actually a Massive Paradigm Shift

Pareene · 03/05/08 06:33PM

Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizing is already set to be 2008's Gladwellian The Long Tailing Point Web 2.0 trend book of the year (especially after every blogger in Manhattan went to its release party). Former Gawker Mascot Andrew Krucoff is totally in the book! Because he was an early adopter of phone-based OG social networking gizmo Dodgeball, you see. Everyone else in the New York media scene signed up for it too, but only to write about it. The Krucoff excerpt, via noted music blog Young Manhattanite, is below, accompanied by a comment from mysterious YM contributer 99 that saves us the trouble of making fun of it.