Abby & Brittany In Unison

Rich Juzwiak · 10/03/12 09:20AM

TLC's reality series about the conjoined Hensel twins, Abby & Brittany, ended its first-season run last night. Over the course of its slow, uneventful yet riveting eight episodes, Abby & Brittany gently shaded in the characters the best-known living conjoined twins. My favorite of their quirks is their tendency to say things in unison for an in-stereo experience. Here is a collection of those moments.

How Conjoined Twins Drive

Rich Juzwiak · 09/05/12 08:50AM

TLC's Abby & Brittany continues to gently tease out the privates lives of the conjoined Hensel twins by showing how they have adapted to performing the most common of tasks. On one of last night's episodes, they ate Chicago deep-dish pizza (stomachaches resulted), rode a Segway (balancing issues ensued) and drove a car.