New Twitter Show Sure to Annihilate Twitter Once and For All

The Cajun Boy · 05/26/09 12:58AM

Are you sick of Twitter yet? Probably! But if not, wait patiently because the spunky little messaging service is teaming with a group of Hollywood geniuses to bring you an "unscripted show" that would "harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format." Yeah.

Seth Abramovitch · 10/30/08 07:51PM

Hollywood PrivacyWatch Fonzie's Birthday Edition!— On Yom Kippur (10/9?) I'm driving up Sepulveda, near the Getty Center. I'm stopped as people are crossing the street to make it to services in time, and who crosses right before my path? Worst attorney in the world, Mr. Barry Zuckerkorn himself, HENRY WINKLER. (According to the IMDB, he also played Fozzie in American Graffiti, where he jumped sharks). He seemed to be late, in a rush to atone perhaps, but it was still very cool. [Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers; send your sightings to tips@defamer.com.]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/30/08 06:40AM

It's a big day for birthdays: Ivanka Trump turns 27 today. (Hope Jared got you something nice!) Page Six's Paula Froelich is 35. Barneys creative director Simon Doonan is 56. The most powerful literary agent in the biz, Binky Urban, is celebrating her 62nd. Fashion photographer Mario Testino is 54. NBC News' Andrea Mitchell turns 63. Billionaire financier Wesley Edens is 47 today. Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is 19. Henry Winkler turns 63. Gavin Rossdale is 41. Actress Nia Long turns 38. Actor Kevin Pollak is 51. And Cash Cab host Ben Bailey is 38.

Richie and the Fonz Reunite For 'Happy Days: The Obama Years'

STV · 10/23/08 02:36PM

Today we offer a new pair of videos as an addendum to our recent, authoritative list of Dos and Donts for Making the Perfect Celebrity PSA. First up: Absolutely DO coax Ron Howard and Henry Winkler into whatever outlandish pro-Obama Happy Days reprise they can stand, such as the one after the jump that premiered today at Funny or Die. And if Andy Griffith agrees to join Howard for a bewigged ride all the way back to Mayberry, all the better. However: DO NOT, under any circumstances, enlist Rhea Perlman, Valerie Harper and/or Garry Freaking Marshall as your elder voice of reason. Especially Marshall! This election is just too close — and Georgia Rule far too recent — to risk some new, William Ayers-like smear campaign this late in the game.Click to view

Quentin Tarantino Enjoys Asian-Themed Cocktail In Los Feliz

Seth Abramovitch · 03/28/08 05:10PM

Attention Defamer operatives: You have been slacking on your PrivacyWatch duties! Today's installment is verging on pitiful. We command you to wander the streets until you successfully spot a celebrity, then rush back to the nearest keyboard-equipped telecommunications device to breathlessly type up your dispatch. Submit yours to tips[AT]defamer.com (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line so we don't lose them), so that everyone can read about how you Giovanni Ribisi needs Magnum condoms.

Short Ends: The Fonz, Sexual Abuse Prevention Spokesgreaser

mark · 02/28/07 09:48PM

· Please take a few minutes to allow a tag team of the Fonz and Henry Winkler (how'd they do that?) educate you about sexual abuse. You might think you're too old to benefit, but if nothing else, maybe your inner child will be saved from a scarring encounter with your inner handsy uncle. [via Fast Hugs]
· Jake Gyllenhaal's personal secrets to becoming famous, revealed!
· Please, we beg of you, don't view this video of the Clippers' Shaun Livingston injuring his knee. Trust us, don't watch it. Just don't. We're not kidding. Go watch some moose ball instead.
· The Big Pussy jokes really do write themselves.
· Suri Cruise is not only real, but really cute! Also, it took Tom's genetic engineers about forty tries before they produced a clone that could do that adorable pointing thing with the left index finger.