'Us Weekly' Online Loses Three Staffers In Two Weeks

Emily Gould · 11/16/07 11:50AM

"Violet Affleck Has Learned To Sing 'When You Wish Upon A Star'" was an actual headline on Usmagazine.com on November 6th, just 6 days after our sometime Guest Editor Noelle Hancock departed for the greener pastures of Pagesix.com. This was a sign that the site had already started hurting badly; it received two more blows this Tuesday when Us Online west coast blogger Megan Lynn left to join Pagesix.com's burgeoning west coast bureau and Colleen Curtis, who had been overseeing the website, was "mysteriously and abruptly" fired. We don't know much else about the exodus, except that "everyone didn't leave because they hate [EIC] Janice Min because they don't," and that our former Henry the Intern just went to be a Senior Editor there! Also, that one of their headlines this morning was "Angelina Jolie's Stylist Says Those Leather Pants Never Split," so maybe things are looking up, or at least holding steady.