How the Montauk Grifter Infiltrated the World of Hell's Kitchen

John Cook · 02/17/12 03:13PM

Mystery solved, sort of: It seems reasonably clear to me that Daniel Kaufman, a.k.a., Dan Kay, a.k.a. Dan Katze, a.k.a. the Busted Chef, a.k.a. the Montauk Grifter, never actually worked as a producer on Hell's Kitchen, as he repeatedly claimed to the people he conned. But he definitely managed to convince several of the show's former contestants that he worked there, which is some fairly acrobatic grifting.

A Tour of Manhattan's New Embarrassing Gay Hotel

Brian Moylan · 12/27/11 05:41PM

You all knew that a gay hotel was coming to Manhattan and now we get a first glimpse of what the The Out NYC is going to look like. It looks, well, gay. Like gayer than plucked eyebrows on an underwear model.

When Did This Turn Into Extreme Makeover: Hell's Kitchen Edition?

Emily Chen · 11/25/10 01:00AM

Almost every season one lucky challenge winner gets a "makeover" consisting of a haircut and new clothes. It's officially overkill now since this is probably third time there's been a wardrobe makeover this season. Makeover montage and reactions inside.

All of the Crazy Chefs Cook in Hell's Kitchen

Emily Chen · 09/30/10 11:45AM

Does Gordon Ramsay attract all the crazies or what? This week, some would-be head chefs stuck their heads in freezers, indulged in serious delusions of grandeur, and had a self proclaimed "ghetto" catfight right before elimination.

Hell's Kitchen Is Like High School All Over Again

Emily Chen · 08/04/10 03:20PM

Trash talking, name calling, alcohol, and parties, oh my! On last night's Hell's Kitchen, it looked like the guys were all bros and the girls were chatty and catty. Next up: cafeteria fight and hallway brawl flashbacks? Video inside.

Category 5 Hurricane Nilka Hits Hell's Kitchen

Emily Chen · 07/07/10 02:36PM

After Nilka Hendricks disappoints Chef Ramsey during service, he kicks her out of the competition, but she comes back in a whirlwind of violence and remorse. Not the most graceful of exits from the kitchen, but a heartfelt reconciliation followed.

Hell's Kitchen Chefs Get Drunk Like College Freshmen

Emily Chen · 06/30/10 05:18PM

On last night's show, the Blue Team got trashed before, during and after their trip to a vineyard. Drunks fell everywhere, dares were made, and someone got naked in the hot tub. What is this? Spring Break, Hell's Kitchen Edition?

It's Sexy Time on Hell's Kitchen!

Emily Chen · 06/23/10 05:03PM

Looks like sex was on the minds of the chefs instead of food on last night's Hell's Kitchen. Even though both teams got pretty dirty catching pigs, they got even dirtier in the mud bath after the challenge was over.

Crazy Cook Gets Kicked Out of Hell's Kitchen

Emily Chen · 06/09/10 02:10PM

For the second time in Hell's Kitchen history, a cook left in the middle of service. However, since Andrew's a bit off his rocker to begin with, it's probably better that he didn't work in a room full of knives.

The Recipe for Hell's Kitchen Season Premiere

Andrew Tatreau-Sherwood · 06/02/10 03:46PM

Want to know how to make a deliciously entertaining TV show? Here's a recipe for one that's taken from the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen on FOX: