The Empire of Harmlessness: Hello Kitty at 40

Maria Bustillos · 10/31/14 01:46PM

Thirty-nine years ago in Japan, Hello Kitty, the global emissary of cuteness, made her public debut. She appeared on a plastic coin purse priced at 240 yen, or about 80 cents.

Famous Feline Hello Kitty Isn't Actually a Cat

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/27/14 05:43PM

Hot news out of Japan: Hello Kitty—a stuffed animal that looks like a cat, talks like a cat, and is named after a cat—actually isn't a cat at all.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/14 07:44AM

"Historians called what happened a 'fever,' while lawmakers debated what should be done to end the plushy pussy mayhem." It is not just disappointing, but disconcerting, to find that this story is about a toy giveaway at McDonald's.

Holiday Shopping Tip: Beware Hidden Needles at Wal-Mart

Seth Abramovitch · 11/30/11 11:48PM

Say what you will about Cyber Monday and the surge of online consumerism in the days that follow — it does tend to remove an element of risk from the holiday shopping experience. For example, there's an almost zero percent chance that you'll accidentally stab yourself with a hypodermic needle while browsing brassieres at Wal-Mart if you buy those brassieres with a computer.

Colbert Drinks Hello Kitty Wine and Performs a Circumcision

Etan Berkowitz · 04/08/10 10:21AM

Colbert has a knack for taking the mundane and turning it on it's head. This time, Colbert found out about Sanrio's diabolical plot to market delicious, fruity wine to minors while simultaneously selling it to adults.

Fashion Week's Hot Ticket, Isaac for Liz

cityfile · 02/04/09 07:54PM

• Jason Wu's Fashion Week show will be the second-hottest ticket in town right behind Marc Jacobs. [NYO]
Isaac Mizrahi's debut collection for Liz Claiborne is now online and up for sale. [Fashionista]
• Not everyone is excited about Fashion Week moving to Lincoln Center. Like Anna Sui. [NYM]
Anna Wintour is styling Adele for the Grammys. [NYM]
• Football player Stewart Bradley is interning at Elle. [Fashionista]
• Eric Wilson explains the difference between Hello Kitty and Barbie. [NYT]