Media Bubble: Meth Mag Sales Slaves Of America

abalk2 · 02/21/07 10:30AM
  • Holy crap, Ian Urbina did a lot of work in this piece on kids who just want to sell magazines but wind up hanging out with meth-addicted prostitutes. Only 11 months and one week until the next Pulitzer deadline! [NYT]

A Bad Week for Old-Time Washington Journos

Jesse · 11/22/05 01:47PM

Time's legendary White House correspondent, Hugh Sidey, who covered every president from Eisenhower to Clinton, and who continued to occasionally contribute to the magazine, died yesterday in Paris. And Ben A. Franklin, a 30-year New York Times vet who retired from the paper in 1989, died Saturday at his home in Maryland.

War media: too much excitement

Gawker · 03/24/03 10:17AM

AIIIIIIEEEE!!! The war! The war! NY Mag's Michael Wolff argues that the American media has been whipped into a sat-phone-and-kevlar-crazed frenzy over the war and that everyone's so excited that they're all on their uncharacteristically "best-boy" behavior ("except that old bag, Helen Thomas.") The countdown to the inevitable Bush backlash has begun.
Behind the lines [NY Mag]