Man Hit Wall Funny

Hamilton Nolan · 02/25/10 04:35PM

Here's security camera video of an ad agency guy walking into a glass wall, which his agency posted on YouTube, for laffs. 2) Or maybe it's "viral." 3) This constantly happens at the Gawker offices, really. 4) We win? [Adfreak]

Choire · 09/12/07 12:12PM

"Saw Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon at tonight's performance of 'King Lear' at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. On the way out, overheard her complaining about why Tim hadn't spoken to an usher in advance so they could avoid having to exit with the crowd. She's really a woman of the people. Che would be proud. Ian McKellen was also there. But he was playing Lear."

Boy Blogger Won't Take Pregsness As An Excuse For Typos

Emily Gould · 08/16/07 04:00PM

Neal Ungerleider is really working at his new blog-job at FishbowlNY to make not-friends. Today, he calls out Glamour preggyblogger Christine Coppa, who we think is kind of sweet and brave and smart (for Glamour—so basically we are saying that she is the one tard in the halfway house who is allowed to use a real butterknife), for spelling a word wrong in an email to his blog. Oh no he di int. ('Di'int?')