President Obama to Hecklers: “That Is the Wrong Rally”

Taylor Berman · 10/30/13 04:17PM

A group of protesters interrupted President Obama's health care speech in Boston this afternoon, shouting “ “Mr. President, [inaudible] Keystone XL! Stop climate change! For our generation! Stop the pipeline!”

Michelle Obama Has No Patience for Hecklers

Taylor Berman · 06/04/13 10:34PM

Two weeks ago, President Obama was heckled by anti-war protester Medea Benjamin during a speech about drones and national security. The president handled it respectfully enough, acknowledging Benjamin and saying her “voice...is worth paying attention to.” Tuesday evening, Michelle Obama faced a similar situation when her speech during a Democratic Party fundraiser was interrupted by activist Ellen Sturtz from LGBT rights group GetEqual. The First Lady's response was...not quite as graceful as her husband's two weeks ago.

Behold These Angry Floridians Shouting at Each Other During a Newt Gingrich Rally

Jim Newell · 01/26/12 02:15PM

Except for that one clip of the two teenage girls fighting out back in the circle pit while the mother encourages them on, this one from a Newt Gingrich rally is about as good as videos of annoying Floridians being annoying (at length) come. This lady shows up and heckles Gingrich monotonously and without interruption for minutes — the first couple of which Gingrich engages her — while she staves off everyone calling her a moron, an asshole, and so on, until the camera is swatted away.

Crazy Heckler Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Socialist Whore'

Jim Newell · 11/03/11 01:13PM

Just as Massachusetts Senate candidate and liberal deity Elizabeth Warren was getting into a meeting with volunteers in Brockton last night, a decidedly unfriendly heckler rose up and started hurling accusations — and what experts are calling a "gender-based epithet"!

The Other Beer Summit: Love and Hecklers

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/09 01:23PM

Ben Konop's a jaunty young fella running for mayor of Toledo. He went to tape some photo-op and was relentlessly heckled to distraction by some dude just sitting on a porch, saying "boo" for no apparent reason, as you'll see in the video clip above, which is well worth watching. According to ABClocal: