Slipknot Guitarist Stabbed in the Head By His Own Brother

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/11/15 09:30PM

In what can only appropriately be described as a heavy metal fight, the lead guitarist of Slipknot was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after his own brother stabbed him in the head with a knife.

GWAR Guitarist Found Dead on Tour Bus

Seth Abramovitch · 11/04/11 02:27AM

Cory Smoot, aka Flattus Maximus, the lead guitarist for Disneyfied Satanic metal outfit GWAR, was found dead on the band's tour bus on Thursday after playing a date in Minneapolis. There's no word yet on how it happened. [AP]

Uzbekistan Scared of 'Satanic' Western Music

Jeff Neumann · 02/22/11 06:30AM

State-run television in Uzbekistan recently aired a documentary called "Melody and Calamity" to warn Uzbeks of the dangers of western rap and rock music, which are "approaching as dark clouds over the heads of Uzbek youth." One of the more interesting facts from the documentary states that "rap was originated by inmates in prisons, that's why rap singers wear wide and long trousers." The film also suggests that metal fans can be swayed by the soothing sound of classical Uzbek music. Makes sense! [AFP]

What a World of Legos and Heavy Metal Would Look Like

Lisa Gagliardi · 02/04/11 12:30PM

Making a stop motion video out of Legos is just impressive but you normally think of them as 'cute' or 'cool'. What ever happened to 'brutal' stop motion videos made out of Legos? Well, here it is.

Saturday Shorts: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/10/10 02:00PM

Tailgating before a Judas Priest concert, a motley crew of mostly shirtless mid-Atlantic metalheads unites to drink, and yell, and throw the sign of the horns—worshiping the devil music; achieving ecstasy just hanging out.