The Twitterati Ride a Train to Unemployment

Owen Thomas · 03/27/09 05:19PM

You know the media have fallen when former Star editorial director Bonnie Fuller can't get a car and driver. Also, another writer dude is newly unemployed! More vital information from the Twittersphere today:

Julia Allison crashes SXSW, explains it all

Melissa Gira Grant · 03/09/08 05:17PM

Professional funnylady and amateur gossip Heather Gold just invited Julia Allison, professional gossip and amateur tech event crasher, onto her panel on — ha, ha — Gossip. "Explain to Shaila [Dewan, New York Times correspondent] what you do again," asks Heather, "since her coverage is of real disasters and not the Internet." Her response?

Game shows and lectures

Megan McCarthy · 11/14/07 04:21PM

Go to a game show with your favorite videobloggers, get all scholarly, or spy on Yahoo's new digs, all in tonight's Valleywag Calendar.