US Economy Crippled by Churches

Hamilton Nolan · 12/28/09 09:46AM

How is the American economy supposed to limp its way back towards some pitiful semblance of prosperity when every time a city has a nice space that would be perfect for a cash-earning business, woops, a church just stole it?

Shep Smith, Pinko

Hamilton Nolan · 12/15/08 04:41PM

These last few months, Fox News anchor Shep Smith has been acting weird. Liberal weird. Now we're sure something's wrong, because good ol' Shep is talking up Hussein Obama, and talking down god:

Bloody Nipples, Offensive Stereotypes And Sexy Everything

Joshua Stein · 11/01/07 11:10AM

Last night on the streets of New York, gallons of fake blood were spilled; thousands of wigs donned and millions of particles of glitter fell from slutty angels, slutty nurses, slutty penguins, slutty blackface, slutty David Bowies, and slutty sluts. Nikola Tamindzic roamed the Halloween battlefield looking for the best, or at least the most revealing, costumes. He did not get knifed or gunned!