Heath Ledger's Diary from the The Dark Knight Is Sad and Scary

Maggie Lange · 05/31/13 03:02PM

In this clip for a documentary series, Heath Ledger's father flips through the pages of the diary that his late son used to prepare for the role of the Joker in The Dark Night. The diary, which says the Joker on it, has a collage of photos: images from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, clippings of comics, long hand-written entries, including one about the hospital room scene in which Ledger dressed up as a nurse.

Heath and Lindsay Were Totally Boning When He Died

Maureen O'Connor · 11/11/09 04:46AM

Dina Lohan says Lindsay and Heath were dating at the time of his death, Jacko's funeral cost $1 million, Fergie didn't know what "cheating" meant until her therapist told her. Come, drink the sweet nectars of Wednesday gossip.

Jude's Baby Mama Drama; Michelle Williams Opens Up

cityfile · 09/16/09 06:05AM

• Just as Jude Law is getting ready to play Hamlet on Broadway next month, his most recent baby mama, model Samantha Burke, has her lawyers offering up an exclusive interview and pics of their soon-to-be-born love child. Ah, there's nothing like milking a little publicity. [P6]
• Madonna bailed on Marc Jacobs' after-party at Hiro on Monday eve despite attending his show. Not to worry: Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Rachel Zoe were all there, so there were plenty of people to stir up trouble. [NYDN]
• It looks like LiLo has made her 15-year-old sister, Ali, her new partner-in-crime when she goes out to party at night. We have a feeling this isn't going to end well. [MSNBC]
Michelle Williams opens up about Heath Ledger's death in Vogue's October issue: "After the first year, the pain is less intense; it's less immediate... But every time I really miss him and wonder where he's gone, I just look at [Matilda]," she tells the magazine. [Vogue]

Lorraine Bracco Finds a Buyer in Rockland County

cityfile · 07/23/09 07:34AM

Lorraine Bracco has gone into contract to sell the riverfront cottage in Snedens Landing that she bought with ex-husband Harvey Keitel in 1989 and which has been on the market for a few years now. The buyer? Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, who is reportedly paying around $2 million for the 1,800-square-foot house. [NYP]
• Gerhard Andlinger, the investor who sold his penthouse at the Time Warner Center for $37.5 million earlier this month, is picking up another pricey home. Andlinger is in contract to buy the 20,000-square-foot manse in Greenwich that belongs to Steve Black, the co-CEO of JPMorgan's investment banking division, which had been "quietly" on the market for $19.5 million. [NYP]

Heath's House Goes Under

cityfile · 06/22/09 10:24AM

The Broome Street building where Heath Ledger once rented a loft for $23,000 a month—and where he was found dead in January 2008—is expected to go into foreclosure later this week. [NYP]

Charges for Kanye, Wedding Plans for Mariah

cityfile · 03/19/09 05:57AM

• Not such good news for Kanye West: He was charged with misdemeanor battery, grand theft and vandalism yesterday in connection with the fight he had with a bunch of photographers at LAX back in September. He could face up to 2 1/2 years in jail if convicted, although that's highly unlikely. And since they're not felony charges, he isn't expected to appear in court when he's arraigned on April 14. [NYDN, LAT, AP]
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are supposedly planning a massive—but totally top-secret!—second wedding, just in time for their one-year anniversary in April. But please don't tell anyone. [In Touch]
• James Franco is having a hard time moving around the Columbia University campus now that so many of his fans have figured out his class schedule. [P6]
• John Mayer's rep says he is not writing a tell-all book about Jennifer Aniston, despite what you may have read in Star. [MSNBC]

Kanye West Charged In Airport Attack

Ryan Tate · 03/19/09 04:50AM

It's hard being a celebrity: James Franco is getting mobbed by fellow students at Columbia; presumably the coeds will never provoke from him the sort of battery Kanye West allegedly inflicted on his oglers.

Love Is in the Air

cityfile · 02/25/09 06:40AM

Andre Balazs and Sharon Stone were seen cuddling on a couch "all night" at the Oscar party at Guy Oseary's home on Sunday, and looked like they "couldn't have been more into each other." We're beginning to sense a pattern here, how about you? [NYDN]
• Newlyweds Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo are expecting a baby. [P6]
• Jeremy Piven will make his case in front of an Actors' Equity panel tomorrow and offer proof it was mercury poisoning that forced him to drop out of Speed-the-Plow. Good luck with that. [NYP]
• Warren Beatty supposedly wants Lindsay Lohan to star in his new movie, but only if she moves in with him and Annette Bening during filming. [Fox411]
• Chris Brown has started taking anger management classes. He's also had to hire bodyguards because he says he now fears for his safety. [NYDN, InTouch]

Top Ten Moments of the Oscars

Ryan Tate · 02/23/09 02:57AM

An on-stage musical extravaganza. Two epic gay rights speeches. Sean Penn's upset win for Milk. The 2009 Oscars were easily the gayest yet.

Octuplet Mom Might Lose House Now

Ryan Tate · 02/19/09 07:46AM

A picture deal may be all that stands between octo-mom and a foreclosure,just as a clue from daughter Bee is all that stood between Anna Wintour and a new Katy Perry album.

The Trump Name Lives On

cityfile · 02/19/09 06:40AM

• Hope you're sitting down for this one. Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa had a baby yesterday. It was a boy. And he will now bear a burden for the rest of his life: His parents named him Donald J. Trump III. [People]
• Lindsay Lohan is launching a self-tanning line called Stay Gold. Finally! [NYDN]
• "Real Housewife" Bethenny Frankel was spotted using coupons at a hair salon. [P6]
• After dating for about half a century, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart may finally be ready to get hitched. [Cindy Adams]
• Please note that Walter Cronkite is not related to social/art scenester Kipton Cronkite, despite his claims to the contrary. [P6]