Meanwhile, In Alaska, a 'Smokin' Hot' Heatwave

Neetzan Zimmerman · 07/18/12 05:20PM

It may be raining and hailing and lightning like a bitch in the Northeast right now, but save a prayer or two for our Last Frontier brethren in Anchorage, where it's currently a blazing 71 degrees.

America Is Super Hot

Caity Weaver · 04/10/12 06:10PM

A government climate report released yesterday confirms what we all guessed when we spent St. Patrick's Day sunning in our bikinis. Earth's hottest new club is America.

This Is the Heat Wave Sweeping America

Matt Cherette · 07/22/11 12:26AM

While many central and southern states have been dealing with scorching temperatures for days now, it wasn't until this week that the heat wave began spreading east and enveloped the entire country. So just how much of the country is suffering from the sweltering heat? Check out the time-lapse animation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to find out—and turn up the A/C while you're at it! [via Fark]

New York's Streets Are Actually Melting

Brian Moylan · 07/21/11 02:38PM

If I were an annoying New York doorman or the guy at the bodega who tries to make lames jokes all the time, I'd ask, "Is it hot enough out there for you?" But I won't do that. I'll just show you pictures of the street melting into a giant sink hole.

I Bet You Wish You Were In Here

Jeff Neumann · 08/14/10 12:59PM

[A girl at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois taunts Hudson the polar bear from inside an air-conditioned viewing room during an "excessive heat warning" for the area. At least he has a swimming pool! Image via Getty]

Blazing Saddle

Jeff Neumann · 07/17/10 02:13PM

[Hungary is in the midst of a heat wave, prompting the government to issue a weather alert. Some Budapest residents were undeterred and ventured outside anyway. Image via AP]

Heatwave's Gonna Burn Up the Northeast Today and Tomorrow

Adrian Chen · 07/05/10 10:06AM

Temperatures should hover around 100 for the next two days in many northeastern states, possibly triggering "a dangerous situation" according to the National Weather Service. We predict a dangerous spike in snowball consumption and lawn sprinkler run-throughs. [CNN]

Indian Summer

Max Read · 06/14/10 03:00AM

[More than 100 people have died already in India's hottest recorded summer, not to mention scores of bats, crows, and peacocks, as temperatures consistently top 100 degrees Farenheit in Delhi and elsewhere. Guardian; pic via AP]