Here's Barbra Streisand Holding Human Hearts

Rich Juzwiak · 12/10/14 11:25AM

"Have you ever held a heart?" Dr. Oz asked Barbra Streisand seemingly out of nowhere, the way a friend might ask another friend, "What sound or noise do you love?" or "What's your favorite scary movie?"

Perhaps 1-800-GET-THIN Was Not the Panacea You Imagined

Hamilton Nolan · 12/14/11 03:50PM

Twin surgery! Young insurance! Teen weedheads! Statin flu! Cookie dough! Thin tricks! Working moms! ADHD drugs! And the very latest cigarette news from Eastern Europe! It's your Wednesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—sickeningly!

America's Idea of 'Ultimate Fitness System' Is Videogames, Fidgeting

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/11 05:10PM

Heart exercise! Male infertility! Blood transfusion! Belly fat! Boomer exercise! Smashing drumsticks! Fidget fitness! UFC games! And the Ultimate Fitness System, revealed! It's your Tuesday Fitness Watch, where we watch fitness—begrudgingly!

Scientists Suck at Picking Diseases to Eradicate

Hamilton Nolan · 05/27/11 04:38PM

Fish labeling! Dog drinking! Disease eradicating! Anorexia theorizing! Contaminated fishing! Radiation sexing! Distant-object spotting! Caffeine surviving! And whatever new thing they say about heart disease today! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—indiscriminately!

Science Reveals: Guys Love Lesbians

Hamilton Nolan · 01/28/11 03:21PM

People fossils! Dinosaur fossils! Sexy science! Cheating ladies! Lucky black hearts! Weights losing weight! Faraway planets! Implant perils! Monster alfalfa! And black holes that trip you out! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—with forgiveness!