Head Lines

Brian Moylan · 03/31/10 04:57PM

[Not everyone in the world gets a double entendre, apparently, especially when it comes to the president's health care (tee hee) package. Image via The Daily Fiona]

2012's Triumph Tests the Mettle of America's Headline Writers

Richard Rushfield · 11/16/09 03:11PM

When an apocalypse-themed movie rakes in truckloads of money, no copy editor on Earth, looking to top to a weekend tallies story, could withstand the temptation of the epic cataclysm metaphor waiting for them tied up with a box .

Yelp Sorry About Ruining Anti-Rape Message

Ryan Tate · 05/27/09 08:48PM

Whoops: Yelp signed up "SF Women Against Rape" as a sponsor of its email newsletter, then ran their ad under an insinuating headline about bicycles that read, "Put the Fun Between Your Legs." Cue the outrage!

Well, Yes

Hamilton Nolan · 05/11/09 08:04AM

No big surprise. [NYT]