Gibberish-Speaking CBS Reporter Had Migraine

Max Read · 02/18/11 01:55AM

The key question following CBS L.A. reporter Serene Branson's on-air linguistic breakdown after the Grammys was "Did she have a stroke?" (This was the nice-seeming way of asking "Is it okay for me to laugh at this video?") Well: The blood test and brain scan results have apparently ruled out the possibility of a stroke, and Branson's doctors now believe she suffered from a migraine; her neurologist, Dr. Andrew Charles, says "she's completely back to herself." Which is great news, for Branson and for your heavy conscience. Laugh away! [AP]

Wyclef Hospitalized for Vague Reasons

Hamilton Nolan · 09/27/10 04:13PM

Former Haitian presidential candidate and Fugee Wyclef Jean has been hospitalized for "stress and fatigue," in addition to "headaches." The simple fact that those are all often euphemisms for more scandalous conditions should not be construed as meaning anything. [Billboard]