Winding Back The Clock to '03

cityfile · 08/20/09 10:20AM

Perhaps you were under the impression that Marquee, the Chelsea club owned by Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss—and now in its sixth year— had seen better days? Maybe you were thinking A-listers had moved on to Strauss and Tepperberg's new venue, Avenue? Apparently not:

Debate Ratings, Michelle on the Talk Show Circuit

cityfile · 10/09/08 12:59PM

♦ Some 66 million tuned in to Tuesday's debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, up from 55 million for the first debate on Sept. 26th. [NYT]
♦ A recap of Michelle Obama's appearances on the Daily Show and Larry King last night. [NYT]
♦ Barack Obama's campaign purchased a half-hour of airtime from CBS for a primetime special on October 29th. [THR]
♦ CBS's Dean Reynolds isn't happy about how the Obama campaign treats the media; fellow reporters take Reynolds to task. [CBS, Radar]
♦ Arianna Huffington: Not such a nice boss! [Gawker]
Haute Living: Not such a fun place to work! [Jossip]

'Haute Living' Hires Completely Random, Probably Attractive EIC

Jessica · 08/23/06 12:20PM

Haute Living, the magazine we'd never heard of before three weeks ago and yet have come to loathe with every bit of our low-income rage, has hired an editor-in-chief. Well, thank Gawd. The "magazine" will be helmed by Lauren Price, the author of the New York Times' groundbreaking "Navigating Internet Access on a Cruise" and some other stuff in New Yorker and Travel + Leisure. Of course, the handy release we received tells us little to nothing about Price other than that she's been freelancing for the past decade, is a New Yorker and qualified to oversee Haute New York and, most importantly, that she's a "world traveler." Which means she probably comes from just enough money to be pretty and glittery enough for the Haute-sters. That is, if she actually exists — we've no proof that "Lauren Price" is a real person, nevermind a rich one.

'Haute Living' Caters to Your Client's PR Needs

Jessica · 08/16/06 02:00PM

Publicists, take heed! Richer-than-you magazine Haute Living — recently the focus of our class ire as they've announced a forthcoming New York edition — has taken a moment to outline how they'll make their editorial content available to anyone flacking something "fresh" (like, say, rosé!). Courtesy of co-publisher/founder Seth Semilof, presented word-for-word:

If It's Good Enough for Naomi Campbell, It's Good Enough for a Hedge Fund Manager

Jessica · 08/02/06 08:11AM

Do you take your coffee with a little class rage? If so, this is your morning: yesterday, The Real Estate mentioned that uber-mega-luxury magazine Haute Living was launching a New York edition to be made available in 400 luxury buildings where apartments averaged for $4.2 million (we noted that this was just another case of "rich fucks reading about their rich fucking lifestyle while lounging about their rich fucker apartment"). But bait and you shall receive, and Haute Living co-founders/publishers Kamal Hotchandi and Seth Similof have sent along the official release for Haute New York, which is "planned for luxury realtors to market to the exclusive high net worth investor, buyer, and sellers seeking the good life in New York and Hamptons." Mmm, you can hear advertisors moaning in ecstasy.