Local Police Confirm This House Is Haunted By Demons

Ken Layne · 01/27/14 05:05PM

A police captain in Gary, Indiana, says he believes a family's claims of supernatural terror in a rental house they've since fled. Levitating children, swarms of flies in wintertime, mysterious footprints, invisible friends, another child "walking backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse"—this movie-ready tale even features screaming Catholic priests performing exorcisms.

Ten Killers, Two Bloggers and a Cookie Monster Cumrag

Caity Weaver · 10/11/13 03:43PM

Last month, Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak received an email from the PR Team at “New York’s first and most terrifying haunted house, NIGHTMARE” inviting him and a guest free passes to “encounter various psychopaths […] who are neither glorified or romanticized – but rather presented for what they are...scary as hell!” at a seasonal attraction located a convenient yet ominous 13-minute stroll from Gawker HQ. On Thursday night, Juzwiak and Caity Weaver made the 13-minute journey to the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, ready to experience a night of culture and education…AND TERROR. It was time for “NIGHTMARE: KILLERS2.”

OSU Students Find Stranger Living Behind Mystery Door in Their Basement

Neetzan Zimmerman · 09/17/13 03:58PM

A group of Ohio State University students who joked around about their off-campus housing being haunted recently learned that they were not that far off: It seems a strange man had been occupying a "secret bedroom" inside the students' house for months.

Couple Sue Landlord Over Haunted House

Louis Peitzman · 04/16/12 11:00PM

Why didn't the family on American Horror Story think of this? A man with the unlikely name Jose Chinchilla and his fiancée Michele Callan are suing their landlord after renting a house they've decided is haunted.