Christian Vlogger Couple Admits Pregnancy Was "Staged"...By God Himself

Allie Jones · 08/17/15 04:05PM

The popular Christian vlogger couple Sam and Nia Rader have had a real whirlwind of a week. First, Sam posted a video in which he “surprised” Nia with her own positive pregnancy test by stealing some of her urine from the toilet; that video went viral, and then three days later, the couple posted a video announcing that Nia miscarried. The Raders now say that after sharing this unbelievable story with the world, they have been getting some “hate comments” from “haters” sipping that “Haterade.”

Hamilton Nolan · 07/10/15 08:40AM

Cool Pope “Francis” (a nickname) in a speech yesterday “called the unfettered pursuit of money ‘the dung of the devil.’” Damn—now that’s a cool Pope.

World's Best Pig Squealer Silences Haters With Sixth Consecutive Title

Andy Cush · 02/27/15 11:02AM

Our boy Nono has done it again! With God-given glottal control and an uncompromising devotion to his craft, the world's greatest pig squealer took home his sixth consecutive championship title at the Salon de l'Agriculture at Paris' Porte de Versailles this month. The time for haters is over. Three cheers for Nono!

"World's Ugliest Woman" Is Motivated By Haters

Rich Juzwiak · 01/07/14 06:09PM

Motivational speaker/author Lizzie Velasquez is something of a tabloid fixture as a result of her rare condition that's similar to progeria (though her problems extend beyond that classification — she's blind in her right eye, for example). Her condition is so rare, she's believed to be one of three people in the world to have it. She's known for her hyperactive metabolism, and for being "the world's ugliest woman," as she was dubbed in a YouTube video that received millions of views.

God-Lovers Hate This Video of a Little Kid Praying to Barack Obama

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/14/13 01:32PM

This innocent, minute-long video of a young boy saying a few kind words about President Barack Obama while closing his eyes and clasping his hands would have gone wholly unnoticed — if not for the heaving mass of True Believers who see it as an absolute sign of an impending Apocalypse.

What's a Gift for Someone Who Hates Gifts?: A Gift Guide

Cord Jefferson · 11/20/12 03:05PM

Holiday gifts for adults are dumb. Gifts for children? OK, fine, indulge the children a bit around Christmas and Hanukkah if you can afford it. It's a longstanding tradition in our culture and, if you get them a good gift, like a book, they might learn something. But gifts for adults? Please. Adults should not be asking for or giving one another gifts.

Millennials Are Too the Best Generation!

Hamilton Nolan · 03/16/12 12:45PM

Haters: when will this "Millennial" generation get to stop dealing with them? Probably never, if a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (and Haterz) is any indication. Contrary to the common knowledge on Twitter that Millennials are the most special and in general best generation thus far, the study found that they are, in fact, "more civically and politically disengaged, more focused on materialistic values, and less concerned about helping the larger community than were GenX (born 1962-1981) and Baby Boomers (born 1946 to about 1961) at the same ages."

Halloween's Meanest Witch Left a Note

Hamilton Nolan · 11/01/11 11:24AM

A reader sends us this photo of a note to trick-or-treaters left on a door in Las Vegas: "Porch light is off... You know what that means??? No candy here, cunts! Run back to mommy + daddy, cuz I'm a witch. Don't look back motherfuckers!"