How Reddit Became a Worse Black Hole of Violent Racism than Stormfront

Keegan Hankes, SPLC Research Analyst · 03/10/15 10:00AM

One section of the Web forum is dedicated to watching black men die, while another is called "CoonTown" and features users wondering if there are any states left that are "nigger free." One conversation focuses on the state of being "Negro Free," while another is about how best to bring attention to the assertion that black people are more prone to commit sexual assaults than whites.

My Kasual Kountry Weekend With the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Hamilton Nolan · 04/03/12 10:00AM

From the outskirts of Harrison, Ark., take Highway 7 North about seven miles. Take a right by the Conoco, down Zinc Road, past the green cow pastures and the farmhouses and four low-slung churches. After seven miles, the road appears to head straight into a wall of trees, before veering left and plunging down a long hill. Over the railroad tracks, where the paving gives way to a dusty, rock-strewn rutted path, bear left on Lead Hill Road. Your pace will slow. This is a road for pickup trucks, not a rented Ford Fusion. Pass a few scattered mobile homes with turkeys and geese wandering, and some poor cows stuck navigating a farm placed on a steep hill. Mostly, pass scraggly trees. At three points, a tiny creek cuts across the dirt road, and you'll have to gun it through a flowing puddle to move ahead. After a couple of miles of this, arrive at a steep, rocky driveway flanked by a gate and a lone American flag.

Seven Careers Full of People You Should Hate

Danny Gold · 02/14/12 12:15AM

Winter has finally hit, for real this time. It's cold. It's dark. Your New Year's resolutions have undoubtedly failed by now. You'll be spending yet another Valentine's Day alone. Don't despair. Let hate warm you up. Here's an arbitrary list of seven careers full of people you should hate.

Maine Mosque Vandalized Following Bin Laden Death

TPM · 05/02/11 07:52PM

On Monday in Portland, ME the walls of the largest mosque in town were spray-painted with "Osama today, Islam tomorow [sic]" and other phrases, sometime following morning prayers on the day after American forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Internet Celebrates Small-Town Police for Squelching Free Speech

Adrian Chen · 04/26/11 05:46PM

The feel-good blog item of the day is the story of when the small town of Brandon, Mississippi successfully foiled Westboro Baptist Church's plan to protest a Marine's funeral. (Here is a video of the refreshingly protester-free road as Marine Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers is returned home on April 14.) How'd they do it? They sicced the police on them and beat them up.

Insane Crowd Protests Muslim Fundraiser for Women's Shelters

Max Read · 03/04/11 12:49AM

The Southern California chapter of a Muslim charity called Islamic Circle of North American Relief USA held an event in Orange County last month hoping to raise about $350,000 for "women's shelters, fighting hunger and homelessness in the area." So of course hundreds of people showed up to protest, chanting "go back home" and "Muhammad was a pervert."

How the Hell is Anti-Semitism Having a 'Moment'?

Brian Moylan · 03/02/11 05:00PM

We're used to all sorts of crazy trends coming out of the world of pop culture, but the most recent one is incredibly alarming. What kind of world do we live in where anti-Semitism is not only acceptable, but the flavor of the moment?

Dogscrimination Strikes NYC

Hamilton Nolan · 09/21/10 08:47AM

Has the greatest city in the greatest country on earth really succumbed to blatant dogophobia? Sadly, it appears that a "dog-hating regime" has been allowed to take control in a ritzy Manhattan con-dog-minium. Going to the dogs? Doggone!