TMZ's Secrets Revealed

John Cook · 11/19/10 04:32PM

We all knew Harvey Levin's TMZ pays people to leak information to them, as recently fired L.A. County Superior Court spokesman has been accused of doing. But their real secret? Just plant a staffer on the courthouse payroll. [Update below]

Harvey Levin's College Days

Whitney Jefferson · 01/29/10 10:16AM

This retro clip of TMZ's managing editor shows plenty of signs of things to come. He's loud, out-spoken, and aggressive toward his peers. In other words, not much has changed beyond the haircut.

Ask About the Tits, Harvey

Ryan Tate · 01/13/10 09:00PM

TMZ's managing editor asked a pressing boob question; Twitter's founder inflated a newspaper article; and a TechCrunch writer puffed up her sources. The Twitterati were swell.

TMZ TV: A Staff Meeting, Broadcast

Matt Cherette · 12/23/09 12:30AM

Did you know that TMZ has its own TV show? Well, it does! Seriously. And the best part about TMZ TV? It's basically a glorified staff meeting—starring Ms. Harvey Levin, of course. Here's a peek inside today's show.

Demi Moore's Ages-Old Empire of Dirt

Foster Kamer · 12/19/09 11:30AM

Someone dares invoke the earth-shattering wrath of Demi Moore by calling the ageless aged? Indeed! PageSix got porn-y. Sheriff TMZ's busting Maria Shriver and Lil' Wayne. Courtney Love, Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin: still suck. Presenting your Saturday Morning Gossip Roundup!

California Declares War on the Media

Richard Rushfield · 10/20/09 05:56PM

The battle between celebrity media and California has been a winking-frenemy-like affair since ancient times. But suddenly the gloves are off and the state seems hell bent on taking a sledgehammer to the skull of the Hollywood Press.

cityfile · 10/20/09 03:18PM

• It's Tuesday, which means fresh job cuts at Condé Nast have been revealed. In addition to the dozen Glamour staffers laid off yesterday, Style.com will cut Candy Pratts Price. And 200+ more layoffs could be ahead. [WWD, NYP, FWD]
• Maybe Condé Nast's fancy iPhone application, which was announced today, will stem the red ink? Maybe not. But it certainly can't hurt either. [AdAge]
BusinessWeek editor-in-chief Steve Adler says he will step down once the sale of the magazine to Bloomberg LP is completed in about a month. [BW]
• Sarah Palin will be Oprah's guest on November 16 as the former governor embarks on her book tour. Many of her fans aren't happy, unsurprisingly. [CT]
• The search for a Good Morning America co-host continues at ABC News. The front-runner at the moment seems to be George Stephanopoulos. [LAT]
Malcolm Gladwell says journalists shouldn't go to journalism school. [Time]
Harvey Weinstein's book publishing company is giving up its independence. It will be combined with Perseus Books starting December 1. [WSJ]

The Defamer Guide to Saving the Oscars

Richard Rushfield · 10/20/09 02:30PM

The show may or may not get higher ratings than the American Idol finale, but the subject of who will host and produce the 82nd Academy Awards telecast remains Hollywood's perennial obsession.

TMZ Finally Given The Porn Parody Treatment

Foster Kamer · 08/09/09 11:45AM

All good things come, ha, to ends. In pop culture, canonizations are routinely bestowed by porn. Meet the comedic genius that's TMSleaze, starring Ron Jeremy as Harvey Levin. Featuring Speidi, Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo, Amy Winehouse, American Idol, Eminem, and LaLohan.

Tinsley Takes Flight, Renee's New Man

cityfile · 07/02/09 05:58AM

• First Michael Jackson dies, and now this? It seems it's over for Tinsley Mortimer and her husband, Topper, now that Tinz is in London where she's taken up with a German prince named Casimir Wittgenstein-Sayn. Why the change of heart? For starters, "Cassie" makes more money than Topper and owns a castle in Germany. Even more importantly, marrying him would finally make the Tinz a princess. And opportunities like that don't come along every day, naturally. [P6, DM]
• Bradley Cooper denied rumors the other day that he's been dating Jennifer Aniston. One possible reason for that: It looks like he's involved with Renee Zellweger instead. [P6]
• Kevin Jonas is engaged. He's one of those annoying Jonas Brothers, in case you're not up to speed on your annoying teen pop stars. [People]
• A few years ago, someone walking through the meatpacking district would have complained about the stench of rotting meat. Nowadays? They're whining that Diane von Furstenberg's store is pumping perfume into the air. [P6]