Little Fockers: So Focking Tired

Richard Lawson · 06/25/10 08:53AM

Here's a trailer for Little Fockers, the threequel in the epic and groundbreaking Meet the Parents triology. We are in the future, Ben Stiller and his wife have kids, and Bob De Niro is still doing his comedy thing.

Lorraine Bracco Finds a Buyer in Rockland County

cityfile · 07/23/09 07:34AM

Lorraine Bracco has gone into contract to sell the riverfront cottage in Snedens Landing that she bought with ex-husband Harvey Keitel in 1989 and which has been on the market for a few years now. The buyer? Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, who is reportedly paying around $2 million for the 1,800-square-foot house. [NYP]
• Gerhard Andlinger, the investor who sold his penthouse at the Time Warner Center for $37.5 million earlier this month, is picking up another pricey home. Andlinger is in contract to buy the 20,000-square-foot manse in Greenwich that belongs to Steve Black, the co-CEO of JPMorgan's investment banking division, which had been "quietly" on the market for $19.5 million. [NYP]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 05/13/09 06:53AM

Stephen Colbert turns 45 today. Harvey Keitel is turning 70. Stevie Wonder is 59. Vogue publisher Tom Florio is 53. Tim Zagat is turning 69. Legendary divorce attorney Raoul Felder is 75. Writer/director Alan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) is turning 52. Dennis Rodman is 48. Twilight star Robert Pattinson is 23. Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker turns 43. P.S. 1 founder Alanna Heiss is 66. Former Guggenheim Museum director Lisa Dennison is turning 56. Social fixture Amanda Cutter Brooks is 35. And Miss California Carrie Prejean celebrates her 22nd birthday today.


cityfile · 05/04/09 08:31AM

Madonna and son David arriving at the Kabbalah Center on Saturday ... Jessica Biel leaving a nail salon ... Russell Simmons sitting on a bench with girlfriend Julie Henderson on Main Street in East Hampton ... Victoria Beckham arriving at JFK ... Rachel Bilson shopping in Soho ... Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr hailing a cab ... Harvey Keitel playing around with son Roman ... Ciara getting out of an SUV in Times Square ... Jessica Alba taking part in Revlon's Run/Walk event in Central Park, and later pushing baby Honor in a stroller downtown ... Ryan Gosling shooting scenes for his new movie, Blue Valentine ... ... Karen Duffy standing in Times Square ... Lady Gaga arriving in NYC last Friday ... and Liv Tyler leaving a party at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Tribeca: The Premiere of Whatever Works

cityfile · 04/23/09 01:32PM

The Tribeca Film Festival opened last night with the premiere of Whatever Works, Woody Allen's latest production, which stars Larry David, Patricia Clarkson, and Evan Rachel Wood (left). In attendance at the Ziegfeld and afterparty at the Royalton: The writer/director accompanied by child bride Soon-Yi Previn, along with Debra Messing, Harvey Keitel, Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower, Mary Kate Olsen, Uma Thurman, Cheryl Hines, Harvey Keitel and Daphna Kastner, Brian and Jane Williams, Charlie Rose, Morgan Spurlock, Charlie Rose, Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal, Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch, Les Moonves and his daughter, Melissa Leo, Morgan Spurlock, and Todd Haynes. A few photos after the jump. [NYO, VF, Wireimage, PMC]

The Wednesday Party Report

cityfile · 04/22/09 12:23PM

Graydon Carter, Robert De Niro, and Ron Perelman hosted a Vanity Fair-sponsored dinner at the State Supreme Court House last night to celebrate the opening of the Tribeca Film Festival. They were joined by Carter and De Niro's wives (Anna Scott Carter and Grace Hightower) and Tribeca Film Fest co-founders Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal, as well as a long list of guests, including Bono and Ali Hewson, Kanye West, Diane von Furstenberg, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Tory Burch and Lyor Cohen, André Leon Talley, Fran Lebowitz, Spike Lee ... (continued)

'He Can Die in Hell': Werner Herzog vs. Abel Ferrara Moves to Round 3

STV · 10/15/08 12:10PM

We swear we didn't mean to throw a bucket of gas on the smoldering crash site where Werner Herzog collided a while back with Abel Ferrara, leaving the legendary auteurs fighting for their lives over Herzog's plans to remake Ferraras's 1992 masterpiece Bad Lieutenant with Nicolas Cage. But thanks in part to our revealing audience with Herzog last summer, the fire is back to uncontained levels today as Ferrara picks off his Bavarian contemporary one vicious shot at a time in Filmmaker Magazine:

I'm Still Big, It's The Water Bottles That Got Small

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/13/08 05:35PM

On the New York set of Life On Mars, veteran character actor Harvey Keitel pondered the good old days of making movies when pennies weren't being pinched on beverages. Keitel fondly remembered being on the set of Taxi Driver and the quality of liquid refreshments. Keitel added, "They had these bottles of Coca-Cola the size of a dachshund. Honest to God, they were THIS BIG [makes gesture with hands] and you would've sworn that they had been flown in from the Artic Circle because they were so cold and refreshing. Nowadays, it's all this baby bottle business."

Jason Segel Enters Exclusive Full-Frontal Male Nudity Club In 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

Molly Friedman · 04/16/08 07:45PM

Judd Apatow has fulfilled his promise to "shake Americans from their squeamishness about male anatomy in movies" by featuring Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Jason Segel completely nude in the movie's pivotal break-up scene. And as the LAT pointed out yesterday, Segel's manhood provides the film's "most captivating screen presence" (sorry, Kristen Bell). But Apatow and his cool comedy clique aren't the first ones to boldly focus their cinematic lens on male actors' full frontal displays. We took a look back on Segel's predecessors to showcase other (pun intended) ballsy big-screen cameos by the likes of Bruce Willis and Ewan McGregor after the jump. Just a warning, this is NSFW.

Harvey Keitel

cityfile · 01/25/08 11:29PM

The grizzled actor is known for his tough guy roles, his willingness to participate in nude scenes, and his messy split with Lorraine Bracco.

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 02/18/03 09:43AM

· The Grammy party madness starts Thursday with Rock the Vote's party at Armani Exchange. [Page Six]
· Harvey Keitel shoves aside a fashionista who asks why he's attending the Imitation of Christ show for which his daughter is modeling. [Page Six]
· The L.A. District Attorney says Roman Polanski will be arrested if he tries to attend the Academy Awards next month. [Page Six]
· Heidi Klum, Eve, Jennifer Aniston and Bill Clinton have developed an affinity for Ciroc, the new starchless vodka distilled from French grapes. [Page Six]
· Cindy Adams goes nuts on the The French. [Cindy Adams]
· 25-year-old singer Michael Buble on his private showcase tonight at the China Club: "People are invited to drink,... So I'm going to sound really good." [NY Daily News]
· Tina Brown threatens to keep her dinner party guests from leaving by sealing the exits with duct tape. Drag performer Joey Arias' body piercings set off metal detectors at the French Consulate's screening of Ruben Toledo's film, Fashionation. Quincy Jones' daughter Kidada orders bottles of leather cleansers and moisturizers from Coach, then calls and complains that they're "much too oily." She thought Coach had started a beauty line and had been applying the cleansers and moisturizers to her face. [Intelligencer]