Harvard Faker Was Poised to Transfer to Stanford

Maureen O'Connor · 06/09/10 02:22PM

The Talented Mr. Wheeler—Harvard student Adam Wheeler, who got in by lying on his application and now faces criminal charges—was accepted to join Stanford for the 2010-2011 academic year. Obviously, they have since changed their minds. [AP]

Hillary Dobbs' Immigrant Pony Destroying American Careers

Ryan Tate · 02/26/08 11:32PM

CNN host Lou Dobbs' daughter Hillary is a Harvard sophomore and, if she keeps winning events, an Olympic horse rider. She and her mare Corlett just won their "second consecutive [Winter Equestrian Festival] Challenge Cup Series title," meaning they have collectively deprived other horse-riding plutocrats of a total $60,000 in prize money and untold sums in horsey endorsement opportunities. In a few days, Dobbs will begin Olympic selection trials, where she hopes to shut out other competitors to become, at 19, one of the youngest Olympic riders ever. Corlett, outrageously, is a German-bred horse, and at just 11 years old she probably isn't even a documented immigrant laborer. At some point, after she's done stealing the jobs of real All American ponies, Corlett is going to get old and useless, and then what? I suppose she'll want to collect unemployment, or welfare or, worse yet, just live off the charity of grandaddy Lou. Of course Corlett is destined for the glue factory instead, as evidenced by the following video in which Dobbs reminds us of how immigrants are ruining America:

Lou Dobbs' Spawn Goes To A Little School In Boston

Joshua Stein · 08/31/07 12:10PM

Both a recent Page Six item and the Times' piece on the Hampton Classic horse show yesterday made heavy mention of CNN ranter Lou Dobb's daughter, Hillary, and her enrollment in a little school in Boston which was founded in 1636. As per Page Six, after winning $12,900 in prize money at the Classic (the girl loves to ride stallions!), Daddy Dobbs had something to say!